“Libertad” on Escape: a real estate project for Francisco Randez to el Salvador

«Libertad» sur Évasion: un projet immobilier pour Francisco Randez au Salvador

The actor and fashion model Francisco Randez (“5th place”, “Horse-Serpent”) was in need of a challenge, other than the game. So he chose to embark on the development of a real estate project in el Salvador.

The next fall, thanks to the documentary series, “Libertad”, the viewers of the chain Escape will be able to follow him in his quest to build a mini-resort complex a new genre in the lands of central America. Ten appointments of one hour will be offered.

In addition to devote many efforts to the materialization of its ideas, the quebec entrepreneur will live a real integration in La Libertad, a municipality in el Salvador, where the landscapes are breathtaking.

Between the different steps in front lead to the achievement of its building, Francisco Randez will be tempted by the climbing of a volcano, and exploration in the middle of the jungle.

Series Productions of the Sea in collaboration with Quebecor Content, “Libertad” is in addition to several new features that will spice up the programming of the Escape this year. Among them, include “Van Adventure” (April 8), through which it will be possible to see Dominic Arpin try activities that are rich in adrenalin under the gaze of his dog Mika.

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