Lies and inciting hatred: famous comedian made a serious accusation against Facebook

Ложь и разжигание ненависти: известный комик выступил с серьезным обвинением против Facebook

48-year-old comedian believes that if a social network existed at the time of Adolf Hitler, he would have easily been able to use it to spread anti-Semitic ideas.

“If you pay Facebook, it will show any political advertising, what you want, even if it’s a lie, wrote Cohen. – He will even help you to target these lies on the user for maximum effect. According to this twisted logic, if Facebook emerged in the 1930-ies, he would have allowed Adolf Hitler to publish the 30-second commercial for the “solution of the Jewish problem””.

The actor said that Facebook is obliged to check the political ads before their display, and if a is false, not to publish it.

Earlier, Cohen spoke to the anti-defamation League speech in which he said that democracy is in retreat, and autocracy and lies thrive thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter.

“Growing crimes motivated by hatred and attacks on religious and ethnic minorities, noted Cohen. – All this hatred and violence promotes a handful of Internet companies that make up the greatest propaganda machine in history.”

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