Life after OD

La vie après OD

Winner ofOccupation Double Bali in 2017, Adamo made his way in the middle of hip-hop. Here that happens with a first solo album, the Preliminary PLEASE.

Adamo has not hesitated to get out of his drive in spite of the current pandemic. The rapper had been working for too long on the album to consider pushing the output. “I couldn’t wait for it to be released. I’ve never had this thought. “

On his new single, Lonely, and her music video for hard-hitting, you might think that Adamo settles accounts with the middle of the hip-hop. In fact, he claims to have written this song… during his adventure to OD !

“I had the feeling that I was going to make me hate it by the middle of the hip-hop because I had OD. But finally, out of the adventure, I had been super well received. I felt a little sore and that’s why I waited two years before releasing the song ! “


Adamo is a shame that the COVID-19 has dampened its momentum with the cancellation of all festivals this summer. “It was the first time that I had to do the FEQ, the Francos and the Metro subway stop. It had to happen, it was beautiful. It was also supposed to go and play in France. “

The rapper tries to pass the time as he can during the confinement. This situation reminds him a little of the containment lived in OD. “What is ironic, is that in OD, there was no cell phone, no Netflix. There was nothing but people and beautiful outputs. Here, we have the technology, but sees no one. I would tell you that I really prefer OD ! “

The first solo album by d’adamo, Preliminary PLEASE, is available on the market. For more info :

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