Life hacks for traveling by car

How to prepare your car for the journey.

Лайфхаки для подорожі автомобілем

The journey by car is always an adventure. So that nothing could spoil, should seriously prepare the car for the road and collect all the necessary. Here are a few lipchak, informs Rus.Media.

The test car

Technical preparation of the car it is better to start somewhere two weeks before a trip so you will have time to find and correct all the flaws.

Observe the behavior of the car before the trip. The appearance of noise, vibrations, and other “oddities” you should contact the service center. Do a General inspection of the car: check the operation of sensors, lights, battery. The old spark plugs should be replaced. Prediagnostic the car at the station. The main thing is to check the vehicle’s suspension system, you can optionally check the brakes, steering, engine.

Also don’t forget about the level of technical fluids: antifreeze, brake fluid, schlomiuk and motor oil. If a scheduled oil change a few thousand kilometers, better to replace it before leaving, because in a way the engine will experience increased load.

Inspect the tires for defects: scratches, cracks, and “cones”. Check the tread depth, slide the balance wheel. Also it is necessary to measure the tire pressure and bring to the indicators recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t forget to check the spare wheel! Check the condition of the air conditioning, seat belts.

Route information and road safety

Лайфхаки для подорожі автомобілем

Refuel only on proven gas stations. It is best before beginning a trip, to mark on the map the gas stations, which you can call for ways. Check in advance, whether carried out repair work on the track you wish to move.

View the weather forecast for days when you’re on the road. This will help you estimate how much time you spend on the road. In rainy, foggy weather and ice take longer. Write down just in case the phone numbers of tow trucks and local emergency services.

Spare tools

On the road you need to be ready for anything, so you need to have a minimum stock of instruments, in particular, need such things as:

  • spare wheel
  • Jack and wheel wrench
  • the wires for the “booster”
  • sapper shovel
  • tow rope
  • compressor for tire inflation
  • pliers and heat-resistant tape
  • headlamp flashlight
  • reflective vest for repair work on the road in the dark.

Лайфхаки для подорожі автомобілем

If you have a car model, which is rare, it is better to grab a part of consumables (filters, spark plugs and so on). If you have never changed the wheel, it is better to watch training videos and to print out clear instructions.

Spare liquid

On the road you need to take three vital fluids:

  • a can of gasoline
  • engine oil
  • octane plus (increases octane number of gasoline if you had to fill the tank with more fuel).

Think of the passengers

The technical part of the training is important, but do not forget about your own comfort. You should check if you took with you:

  • portable charger (will help not to remain without communication in case the car breaks down, and the phone is dead)
  • first aid kit
  • wet and dry wipes
  • the supply of drinking water (need not only to quench their thirst, but also for washing vegetables and hands if you have to resort to car repairs)
  • a pillow and a blanket, especially if you plan to drive at night
  • a raincoat and gloves for repair work.

And remember that the rules of the road in car must be extinguisher, warning triangle and first aid kit.