Life under the sun: how to protect your health in the heat

Жизнь под солнцем: как уберечь здоровье в жаруIn the coming days, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, is expected in the capital hell. This means that again the problem starts with health. Everyone already learned that heat and humidity are dangerous first of all for those who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as for seniors and children. Categories most difficult to adapt to changes in temperature. So overheating they need to fear in the first place. What to do? This was stated by the General practitioner of the capital’s polyclinic №219 Vladislav Kovalevich.

As noted by Dr Kovalevich, the simplest recommendation is simply not to go outside when it is very hot. This of course also applies to those who can afford it. Of course, the house would be good to have if not air, then at least a fan. However, under a direct jet of such a device it is better not to sit to avoid.

Another tip: at night it is better to open the window. But do it still need only if the temperature of outdoor air is lower than indoors. But the day should be close.

Of course, at home and at work it would be good to maintain the optimum temperature of 23 degrees. Less she ought not to be: serious differences can lead to the development of colds and their complications.

How to dress properly? Dark colors draw the sun, and this can result in a warm or heatstroke. So in the heat should wear light shades. Of course, the fabric should be light and natural. Headgear is also required.

Observe the drinking regime. This means that the use of water in hot weather should be increased. Not to forget to drink in small portions, put to your workplace a big bottle of water (you can mineral). Coffee drains, that is dehydrates the body, so in the period of heat should be abandoned. For the same reason you should not eat in the heat and the alcohol. In addition, it is necessary to abandon the sweet and carbonated drinks.

It is clear that the beds should not be idle, however, during the period of active sun in the garden better not show up. And in General, in these hours should minimize physical activity. Dr. Kovalevich recommends to do household works in the period until 10:00 or after 16:00.

As for the food, few of us in the hot time climbs the lump in his throat. So the body is struggling with excess calories that he is now completely useless. In any case, at this time, you need to abandon away from oily, spicy and heavy foods. And when buying any food you need to carefully monitor the period of her life — in the heat all spoils very quickly, the harmful bacteria multiply rapidly, and this can lead to intestinal poisoning.

And finally, do not neglect the protection of the skin from UV radiation. Give preference to cosmetics with a protection of at least 50 SPF. For the residents of our middle band this is the perfect solution.

“Elderly people suffering from cardiovascular, pulmonary, or endocrinological diseases need to consult your GP or a doctor working with patients with chronic illnesses. For the period of hot days, the doctor may adjust the dose and dosage regimen of drugs. Special attention should be given to children because their thermoregulation system is imperfect and is formed. Pay attention to the behavior and activity of the child, often let us to drink, wear light clothing of natural fabrics. In the hottest time of the day do not allow too active games,”— said Vladislav Kovalevich.


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