Lifehack: how to choose the most delicious strawberries

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alan Kaziev



In Moscow earned platform for trading strawberries. To choose is not so easy. On the shelves of dozens of varieties from different regions of Russia. The competition it is and the suburban strawberries, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Purpura.

Proven life skill from an experienced seller. Here only try to find a berry: with raised tail, one on the shelves. Farmer Ivan Chepenko sure to choose strawberries need no eyes, and nose. The most fragrant is the sweetest.

“When it came to the strawberries, you should feel the aroma of berries. This is the first indicator. It shows that she’s really ripe, fresh, not treated with chemicals,” says farmer.

If the smell to go does not work, look better berry with no dents and with a fresh ponytail. Strawberry is a perishable commodity. The less spent after gathering, the better. Therefore, the best is the one that grew nearby. In the Russian capital is Moscow berry.

“She’s gonna close it I don’t need no handle to carry. This berry is taking with great pleasure. And if a person once took it, tried it, he will come the second time”, – says Ivan.

However, it is twice as expensive as imported. And the price farmers have to throw is not going to grow the berries expensive and difficult.

On 60 acres in suburban Lukhovitsy ripen dozens of varieties of strawberries. Put it mostly in chain stores.

“We have a huge advantage over suppliers from afar. We give the berries to ripen fully on the Bush. Aromatic ripe berry, we cooled immediately prepare for shipment, and by evening she was already in stores,” says farmer Ivan Lebennin.

In Moscow, local strawberries you can buy in berry Chalet. This season on the streets there will be 150 of these tents. Except for the Moscow region, the strawberries will bring from seven regions of Russia. In one of the chalets sell Chuvash. At the counter is hotter than on the street. Seller Elena barely manages to fill the containers. She jokes that customers come to smell. And turn stand.

“In the morning rush and evening. I like working smartly. The biggest – and 10 people were, but try to be quick”, – says Elena Volkova.

For one day only tent carry approximately 200 kilograms of berries. Not even the high price. And for those who doubt, Elena always offers to try the berry. Before the real taste of strawberries still nobody stood.