Light my mirror! What is the secret miraculous power of reflection

Свет мой, зеркальце! В чем секрет чудодейственной силы отражения

Find out what you can expect in the future, will help the mirror. This subject, sorcerers say, is of great psychic potential. With the help of it the girls try to see her future husband or to remove the evil eye. Mirrors are mentioned in many legends and tales. For example, there is the ancient Greek myth of Perseus, who killed Medusa the Gorgon. As you know, all what she looked turned to stone. Perseus had a brilliant shield, the reflection of which on the trouble and looked a beast. “MIR 24” find out what else is miraculous power mirrors and how to communicate with them.

“Light my mirror, tell me. Yes, the truth reported: I only weapon in the fairest of them all, all ruddy and whiter?” Pushkin knew well the psychology of women. Like its witch from “the Tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights”, every woman is very possessive about her appearance. But to give an objective, not a smooth answer can only mirror. It is no coincidence that so love all of the evil sorceress.

Consults with the mirror and the Queen-the stepmother of fairy tales of the brothers Grimm “Snow white”. It is only him and believe. When magic reflection recognizes her stepdaughter the most beautiful, the wicked witch of anger decides to kill the girl.

The magic mirror is capable to see a person anywhere, no matter where he was. And yet it is able to predict the future, so mirror is so often used in divination. One of the most popular divination for love.

Since ancient times, to see her betrothed, a girl was locked in the room alone, alone with the mirror. At midnight I lit a candle, asked the question and looked at the reflection. As soon as it appeared the face of a groom, she said a prayer and extinguished the candle. It was believed that if you linger, evil spirits will come out of the mirror and harm. Unhappiness can bring a broken mirror.

Remember the brothers Grimm fairy tale a magical shard of glass got into Kai’s heart and turned it into a piece of ice? The Snow Queen has a mirror and the mind. It reflects the world in an evil light and checks of each to the power of the spirit. This is Gerda, who with their kindness and love saves the enchanted Kai and banishes the Queen.

Another magical ability of the mirror to move the person into a parallel world. As it happened with Alice – the heroine of Lewis Carroll’s tale. After passing through the mirror, the girl is in a magical land where she has to play chess as a pawn, and then Queen. Through the looking glass falls and the heroine of the story by Vitaly Gubarev “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors”. The play is about the adventures of a mischievous schoolgirl Olya and her reflection of Yalo has for many years been one of the favorite among children and adults.

“This Kingdom was, especially in these mirrors to confuse poor people. One of the characters in the play, the boy who works to exhaustion, he is forced to, and he said, “I can’t, I didn’t eat anything here in my hands just a crumb of bread.” And suddenly two guards talking: “What a babe, look!” And in this magical mirror a sliced loaf. Is that a crumb? That’s how much”, – said the Director of the children’s theatre Irina Milenina.

And mirror help to understand themselves and to distinguish lies from the truth. By the way, according to psychologists, the reflection in the mirror might tell a lot. If you yourself like it, then it’s loaded with positive energy. Otherwise, it is worth considering what is wrong in your life, and hasten to smile. The next time the mirror will definitely repay you in a good mood.