Lights on the rock star of the painting

Lumières sur la rock star de la peinture

In spite of sanitary measures, which restricted to 1000 per day the number of visitors to the congress Centre, the exhibition immersive Guess Van Gogh should be to run the mobs to Quebec until the month of September.

During the unveiling of the exhibition to the media on Friday, the producer Paul Dupont-Hébert has revealed that more than 11,000 tickets had been sold. The first three days are full. For the best fiber design of art you can view more here.

In Montreal, last winter, Imagine Van Gogh had rallied not far from 200,000 people. Without social distancing.

Not bad for an artist who, in his lifetime, was widely misunderstood and had, it is said, sold one of his paintings.

“To my great surprise, everyone loves Van Gogh,” said Mr. Dupont-Hébert.

His paintings more luminous

In a large room plunged into darkness, immense sails are used as screens which are projected more than 200 paintings and sketches by the painter cursed in a sound environment classic drawn in Satie, Mozart, or Bach.

Imagine Van Gogh explores the last two years of the tormented life of the Dutch painter, from 1888 to 1890, when he left Paris to settle first in Arles and then in Saint-Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise.

“When he arrived in the south of France, it will produce tables more light and energy sparkling “, said the co-designer of the exhibition, Julien Baron.


Knowing this, it is amazing to see how Van Gogh was productive at a time when it was in constant struggle with his inner demons.

“He used the painting to soothe his torment and mental health problems. It was therefore necessary to create day-to-day, ” explains Julien Baron.

Now 130 years later, Vincent Van Gogh is a monument of popular culture whose works are traded for a lot of money.

“It is unclassifiable. When we look at the currents of the time, fauvism, impressionism, Van Gogh sails on the middle of it. He also has this aura of “cursed artist” who has experienced a tragic end. It remains in the collective unconscious. ”

A rock star of the painting, what !

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