“Like another planet”: the Fans are amazed by the appearance of the son of Megan Fox

«Как с другой планеты»: Фанаты поражены внешностью сына Меган Фокс

Fans noted that the boy has an incredible angelic beauty.

Actress Megan Fox rarely pleases subscribers pictures with his younger son Journey by river, who will soon turn two years. The fans still received the long-awaited ‘ big kid. Frame immediately became popular. In one day the estimated more than 200 thousand subscribers.

The followers were amazed at the changed appearance of a young son, Megan. Many have said that Journey has a doll-like appearance. The son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin green are incredibly large beautiful eyes, blond hair and full lips. “From another planet”, “wonderful boy”, “Amazingly beautiful” — says the enthusiastic subscribers. Some noted that Megan make the most beautiful babies. Someone from the followers invited the celebrity to give birth to another angel. According to fans, if Megan gave birth to a girl, that baby would become a beauty Queen.

In addition to a two-year Journey celebrity couple has two sons: 5-year-old Noah and 4-year-old Bodhi.

«Как с другой планеты»: Фанаты поражены внешностью сына Меган Фокс


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