Like Pavlov’s dogs: Putin has demanded from the authorities to react to media reports

Как у собаки Павлова: Путин потребовал от властей чутко реагировать на сообщения СМИ

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that local authorities should respond to true stories in the media about the violations immediately, reports TASS.

“Speech in the media, of course, should be cause for serious examination of the problem. Let us think, as to constitute this work”, – he said during the media forum BIP “Truth and justice”.

The head of state compared these steps with the reaction of Pavlov’s dog.

“As I understand it, the reaction should be at the level of the first signal system: see meat – saliva in the dog, therefore, here also, looked at the head of the plot, read the article – the reaction should be immediate,” he said.

Earlier in the course of the forum the head of state said that officials should be particularly in demand, because, according to him, the person who is in state or municipal service, must understand that on his shoulders a special responsibility before the people and demand stricter.

Note, Pavlov’s dog – the famous experiment of the Russian physiologist, the Nobel prize winner Ivan Pavlov on the study of conditioned reflexes. During the experiment, he rang the bell and gave the dog food. Subsequently, the animal turning to the coordinates already allocated saliva.

Organized by onf media Forum of independent regional and local media “Truth and justice” held on 14-16 may in Sochi. This year for the first time official media in the media forum was joined by bloggers. The truth is, virtually, via the communication platform SNWall.