MOBILITY Incubated at Euratechnologies, in Lille, the Azfalte start-up has taken up the challenge of making the bicycle the means of transport for as many people as possible. A challenge that can only be won by working at the corporate level

Lille : Azfalte, this company that makes the workers pedal

The start-up Azfalte offers company bicycles. — Azfalte

  • The coronavirus health crisis has sparked a historic enthusiasm for cycling among French people.
  • In this dynamic, the start- up lilloise Azfalte was created to offer company bicycles.
  • Less than two years after its launch, Azflate has convinced around fifty companies in France and has launched a franchise in Réunion.

If the coronavirus health crisis has caused her share of dramas, she is also at risk; the origin of great successes, especially entrepreneurial ones. In France, the number of business creations has never been lower. as high what’’ this day, at like the number of bicycle users. The comparison may seem strange, of course, but the story of the Lille start-up Azfalte makes it possible to understand the parallel. Born from the first confinement, this company offers company bikes.

“Our main goal is to make the bicycle the primary vehicle for as many people as possible,”said Azfalte”s president and co-founder Jean-François Dhinaux without pretense. . With his 5 associates, all experts in the field of mobility, he saw the French people’s appeal for cycling explode at the end of the year. the exit from the first containment. “Covid has swung us into a real cycling revolution, especially with the development of equipment such as Covid tracks, teleworking which calls into question the relevance of cycling. a transport subscription. At the same time, there has been a real environmental awareness,” he analyses.

Beautiful bikes and tax benefits

The other observation of the co-founders of Azfalte is that mobility daily life is punctuated by the company since the majority travel during the week concerns home-work journeys. From where? the idea of ​​offering company bikes, the image of what many companies offer with company cars. These are long-term bicycle rental (LLD) offers that include insurance, maintenance and a change of frame every three years. The LLD makes it possible to offer, for reasonable rents (from 65 to 90 euros on average), bicycles essentially for sale. electric assistance whose prices are between 2,000 and sometimes more than 10,000 euros. “A tax system that has existed since 2019 allows companies to obtain a tax reduction of 25% and the rent can be divided between the employer and the employee. For the company, depending on the formula, this can come to the same price as the compulsory payment of 50% of the transport costs of its employees”, assures Jean-François Dhinaux.< /p>

Tax advantages which therefore open up access to the greatest number of people; a company bike whereas, often, company cars were linked to the status of the employee; and that this advantage was subject to tax. So many arguments that have already allowed to Azfalte to convince more than 50 companies in France, including the optical giant Afflelou or the energy supplier Engie. The enthusiasm is such that the young start-up has even just launched its first franchise on the island of Reunion. “Some 50 bikes have been delivered in December and more to come. The demand is very high,” says the boss, who is already thinking about grow to the international.