Lille: to raise Awareness of the road safety from the youngest age

College students distribute red cards. — M. Libert / 20 Minutes

Attack the evil at the root. It is more difficult to change bad habits than to instill the right practices. And it is even more obvious in the area of road safety. In several cities of the lille métropole, the students of fourth bossent the Code of the road since the start of the year. On Friday, they entered into the heart of the matter by going to verbalize offenders.

Children, police and red cards

They were about 120 kids from the colleges of Roubaix, Villeneuve d’ascq and Cysoing to disembark on Friday morning, on the place de la République, Lille. Dressed in yellow vests yellow, they are separated into small groups and went to post to different nodes. In addition to the chaperones the school, each team included a police officer, a real one, in its ranks.

Their targets, pedestrians and cyclists. “It is to make them understand that all users of the public way are subject to the rules. Make children more vigilant, even for a few weeks, it is already a lot of accident risks in the least , “said a representative of the
Road safety.

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Instead of true fines, the students distribute the cartons, red. And Chloe, age 13, distributes them to the towers of arms : “there are plenty of pedestrians crossing in the red man, and even bikes who ride on the sidewalks so that they do not have the right “, she says, while acknowledging that it happened, ” maybe “, ride it as a bicycle on the sidewalks.

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“He understands nothing”

Maëlis, 13, is dépitée. It comes to give a red to a bike that had already taken one. “He can put pedestrians in danger, he did not understand,” sighed she. In the aftermath, Corentin, 12 years old, speaks to a cyclist with headphones on the ears : “It is a pity to risk 135 euros fine so that he could buy stuff with all that money “.

Nicolas accompanies the children of Roubaix. Him, he is counting on the transmission to change the behaviour : “We have worked on road safety, with the 4th in the last two months. They are now going to, in turn, raise the awareness of the classes of the 5th “.