Lily K. O.: When the remote assistance in the creation

Lily K.O.: Quand la distance aide à la création

Lily K. O. seemed to be ready for this period of confinement, as the duo of musicians create their music at a distance in advance of the pandemic.

Remote authoring is a technique that the duo, composed of Selene Berube and Raf Rioux, has adopted from the beginning of the musical project as a live in Sherbrooke and the other in Montreal.

“It gives us the space. It gives us time also. It allows us to work on songs when our head is really there and it gives us time to absorb what the other sends us,” expressed the multi-instrumentalist.

“The fact of being remote, it is because it is as if one opens a small surprise gift each time. We never know what we will find!” ” said the singer of the duo.

“There is no winning formula to creating two. It is still complex. Often, there will be a person who is going to write and compose then in a band, interpreting the songs. In our case, we put the two hands in the dough in all that is, texts and music,” said Raf Rioux.

More remote than ever

Lily K. O., issued on April 10, a new album titled Maelstrom. The latter was designed even more by creating distance as the other albums of the duo.

“Selene has had a second child and she was on maternity leave. It has made sure that we sent a lot of bits of song, bits of texts, collages, or beats. It was like a ping pong creative that is created,” explained Raf Rioux.

“We had never played the songs together before recording. It is an approach that is rather unique. A few weeks ago, we saw to see if it was able to play the songs. It was the first time that we played while they were already endisquées”, he added.

The opus 12 songs is also more personal because the musicians have chosen not to seek collaborators and to really do the job of two.

“I am very proud of this writing, because there’s always a job when you write two for it to be coherent and the bearer of a message. Even if there are two feathers, it must have a message and no two messages. It was a nice challenge and it was done with a lot of heart and introspection,” said Raf Rioux.

An album in the crisis

Of course, like many other artists, Lily K. O. wondered if it was a good time to launch his new album.

“The record label wanted to postpone the launch, but we, we said that it applied so well to what we saw in Lily K. O. it was natural to go out and talk about it”, confessed the musician.

“It’s funny because our lyrics deal a lot of distance, of the mechanics of the heart, etc, It fit so much with the current context!” added Selene Berube.

The choice is to keep the initial plan has represented some challenges for the duo, who is in the song electronic.

“It is unusual when even. We released an album and we’re going to promote it differently. At the same time, it’s good for you. It was like a challenge that comes with the fact and get it out now”, has admitted Raf Rioux.

“It has some positive side also because people have more time to go out and find artists or to go to discover things on social networks. It is a good time, I think, to discover the culture of quebec. On one side, I think it might help quebec artists to do a little bit to know”, has mused aloud singer Lily K. O.

Tips to create the remote

Since the measures of social distancing are likely to continue for a time, and as Selene Berube and Raf Rioux, the duo Lily K. O., are regulars of the establishment to distance, we asked advice for other artists who would like to try the experience.

“It is not necessary that you put limits. You have to be able to accommodate what the other person sends you and always try to make the best of what both have to offer. It must be truly open”, launched from the outset, the singer of the duo.

“Sometimes, when you are together, there is the ego that takes over. In a context of containment, I want to say to try the openness, to be open to new ways of doing things. We must allow ourselves to go there instead of to block!” she added.

“You must have confidence in the new ways of doing things. It gives us new ideas, I find. When you always do things the same way, it is not necessary that you wait to a very different result,” she said the multi-instrumentalist.

To listen to the result of an album created at a distance :

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