List of “Forbes”: Federer, the top athletes the best paid

Liste «Forbes»: Federer au sommet des athlètes les mieux payés

For the first time in his career, the tennis player Roger Federer is the athlete the best paid on the planet.

This is what has been done to know the economic magazine “Forbes” has released its annual list comprising the 100 athletes, the wealthy, on Friday.

In the last year, from June 2019 to June 2020, Switzerland 38-year-old has amassed an impressive total of 106.3 million US$. This amount includes $ 6.3 million US obtained in grants and US $ 100 million through various advertising contracts.

It is also the first time that a tennis player finds himself at the top of the list, while “Forbes” is the year since 1990.

Two soccer players after Federer in the rankings, is Cristiano Ronaldo (105 M US$) and Lionel Messi ($104 MILLION US). Messi is the one who held the first rank in the year 2019, while Cristiano Ronaldo has retained its second position.

No hockey player

Ten sports disciplines are at least one representative on this list in 2020, but without surprise, there is no hockey player. The basketball is the best positioned with 35 athletes. LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant hoist in the top 7.

Strangely, only one baseball player is to be found in the annual list, compared to 15 in 2019. The lucky one is the pitcher of Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw that points to the 57th rank with earnings of $27.3 Million.

This situation can be explained by the pandemic COVID-19. For the year, Forbes has awarded only 286 $ 500 to veterans in major league baseball for April and may, based on the current agreement between owners and players.

The situation surrounding the coronavirus is also causing an overall decrease for the 100 athletes with the best paid. They spend, compared to last year, a combined total of $ 3.6 billion to $ 2.9 billion. This is a fall of around 9%.

Two women

The female tennis players Naomi Osaka (29th) and Serena Williams (33rd) are in the top. This is the first time that there was more than one woman in this list for 2016 when Williams gathered there in the company of Maria Sharapova.

Among the most famous names in professional sports in North America, the quarter-back Tom Brady, who is past the Patriots of New England to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the last year, occupies the 21st place, with $ 45 Million. Some of the players of the NFL take precedence over, including Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz, who are in the top 10.

The top-10

  • Roger Federer – 106.3 million US $
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 105 million US $
  • Lionel Messi – 104 million US $
  • Neymar – 95.5 million US $
  • LeBron James – 88.2 million US $
  • Stephen Curry – $ 74.4 million US
  • Kevin Durant – $ 63.9 million US
  • Tiger Woods – 62.3 million US $
  • Kirk Cousins – 60.5 million US $
  • Carson Wentz – 59.1 million US $
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