List of plans in the spring to Wake up after hibernation

The to-do list for spring that are worth to do. to ignite your life into a pleasant atmosphere.

Список планів на весну, аби прокинутися після зимової сплячки

The vast Facebook community there is such expression: “In nature nothing is in bloom all year round, so no need to demand from yourself the same. Give yourself a rest.” Indeed in winter, many of us go into sleep mode, saving power and does not require too much, informs Rus.Media.

And all in order to relax, recharge and wait for spring that will Wake us up from winter hibernation and I will kindle a life with positive energy. And to make this process as effective as possible, we’ve compiled a to-do list for spring. Can scopuli it, or create your own. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that spring is coming and it needs to meet.

Make audit and evaluate your condition

The evaluation will show how your changed status. How many extra pounds you gained over the winter. The condition of your skin. What things are you missing in your spring wardrobe. And then decide what results you want to achieve for spring.

Список планів на весну, аби прокинутися після зимової сплячки

Place your order in the apartment and things

Fold the tree if it is still standing (Yes, happens!), wash Windows, clean the whole apartment and don’t forget to restore order in the closet. Hide winter clothes and take out spring, after bringing everything in order. And, of course, buy yourself new clothes. Because you need something to wear.


Fitness, shaping, dancing, aerobics, gym or outdoors. Choose anything you like – the main thing that the extra pounds melt away and your figure was tightened.

Make a fashionable haircut

Well, what other way is there to celebrate spring? Only with a fashionable and very stylish haircut that will be appropriate for you.

Often go out “”

In winter you prefer to stay at home, so in the spring you definitely need to catch up. As often as you can visit, theaters, concerts, and just walk. As they say, people look, well, of course, show.

Список планів на весну, аби прокинутися після зимової сплячки

Commit a reckless act, which had long dream

Here you can do anything – everything will be considered: paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, horseback riding and more, on what the imagination will suffice.

Arrange a photo shoot

That’s what always raises mood and self esteem: a beautiful outfit, suitable environment and professional, which is an hour or two will give you the attention. As a result, you will get wonderful pictures on the background of the awakening of nature. Because how cool is that?

Organize a meeting with friends

How long have you met with your friends? And-and-uh… So it’s time to come up with a reason to meet. You can, for example, to say that you have very cool pictures you want to send in a fashion magazine. For girls the best reason you can imagine.

Go on a picnic

In the spring it’s great to have picnics. Nature, the crackle of a bonfire, food, good conversations and great company. Do not deny yourself this pleasure!

Visit their loved ones

Spend time with them if you need help, and better – organize family gatherings. Because the family is our base and support, that’s what we should value and protect.

Список планів на весну, аби прокинутися після зимової сплячки

Update your relationship

Spring is a time of renewal and the birth of something new. Love, for example. So why not surrender to this beautiful feeling and not remember what romance looks like? Sure your boyfriend or husband enjoy your sudden “awakening.”

Plan a summer vacation

It’s time to think, where would you like summer to spend a week or two. The mass of options: you can select a tour package and travel to Turkey or Egypt, we can restrict native Penates, and it is possible to go abroad: in Greece, Italy, Spain or some other country. The main thing – that there was the sea.

Go on language courses

This item is directly related to the previous, when on vacation you need to speak. Not on the fingers, right.

Go through online courses

You will acquire new knowledge, increase their skills. Spring is the best time.

Список планів на весну, аби прокинутися після зимової сплячки

Give a new life

In the spring it is so pleasant to observe the trees, plants and animals that Wake up, begin to live and blossom and to develop. So why not add to this process? After all, it’s not hard to plant flowers, plant a tree or feed an animal.