Listen to yourself, select the map and find out what prepares you for the future

Прислушайтесь к себе, выберите карту и узнайте, что готовит для вас будущее

The Association particularly fond of psychologists because it helps to determine the health of the person, his aspirations and spirit. Today we offer you to pass one of these tests.

Listen to yourself, briefly examine the map and consider which of them impressed you most of all.

Прислушайтесь к себе, выберите карту и узнайте, что готовит для вас будущее

Card # 1

At this stage of life you are in dire need of tranquility. Probably this was preceded by quite a stressful situation, and you just need freedom and relaxation. It is clear that Affairs and now a lot, but still try to find time for yourself. Enjoy long-forgotten hobby, think that now is able to bring you joy. All this will give you strength for new achievements and you will notice that after a reboot, your business will go up faster.

Card No. 2

If you chose this card, then you will be successful. This is partly thanks to you, because you are very optimistic and confidently look to the future. The universe feels your mood and ready to help you in all your endeavors. Choosing this card means that soon your life will change for the better. Perhaps the changes are not global, but you’ll notice them. In General, it is possible to undertake initiatives in any area. You are waiting for success.

Card # 3

This card indicates that you are on your way to accepting yourself and this world. You understand that the main thing for you is harmony with itself. Envy and jealousy fade into the background. You realize that they have no practical sense and each person has their own problems. Now more than ever you better feel their emotions. You open up stunning vistas. Likely to meet new people and travel to unexplored places.

Card # 4

You finally learned to listen to myself and my intuition and I try to use this skill in all areas of life. Due to the fact that you live here and now, you become more successful. If you see that you can’t affect the course of events, you can easily take it and go with the flow. Soon there will be a spiritual enlightenment, and you will find answers to questions you have long tormented.

Card # 5

There comes a time when it is especially important to pamper yourself. Stop torturing yourself with work and a lot of routine tasks. Remember finally that life is too short to waste it on things that don’t bring you pleasure. Even on your darkest days, try to keep a sense of humor. It allows you to stay afloat and cope with any difficulties.

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