Litak vrsave in the car at Florid, zaginul 2 person

Літак врізався в машину у Флориді, загинули 2 людини

Odnorotornyj litak Beechcraft Baron pid hour avarino landing in the fourth vrsave in car in from Florida. Do people zaginul. About TSE powderly UNN s posolennym storinku on Twitter Paltz Mista Ocala.

“DV patwardhan Gerti Buli the passengers single-engine lthaca. Area de incident, yaky not yea of dorozhno transport prirodou, Stasia, bude of perekruta to be called a few more hours,” said General description of the rule of law.

Yak informovala Federline avecina management USA, accident talasa at the track on Pivdenny East from Ocala on about 11:30 after hour Shango uzberezhzhya USA (17:30 for kiskeam hour). Rosslyn obstavin I causes of catastrophe Seimas Nazionale management s BEZPEKA on transport.

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