Lithuania made medications free for part of the population

Литва сделала лекарства бесплатными для части населения

July 2020 part of Lithuanian residents will get compensated medicines for free. The chief of the policy division of reimbursement and pricing of medicines under the Ministry of health Thomas Alunderis told the portal Charter97.orghow to work the new system.

– Who can get free prescriptions?

– Reimbursable medicines will be free to all persons over 75 years of age, regardless of their income. The right to free medicines will also pensioners and disabled people whose income is less than 95% of the subsistence minimum for the past year. This year the minimum wage in Lithuania is 251 euros, respectively, to obtain drugs for free will those persons with disabilities and seniors whose income is less than 238,45 euros per month.

– What medications will be available for free?

– You can get free only compensable medication. Currently on the list — more than 500 names of active substances and about 200 kinds of medicines.

– Will the person to prove their low level of income to obtain medication?

– No. Data on patients with a low income will be transferred from the database of the social insurance Fund. Pharmacies will be notified electronically on patients with low incomes will automatically give the prescribed medications.

Note that the model of providing free drugs to vulnerable groups was proposed by Lithuania of the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD). After the adoption of relevant legislation by the Minister of health of Lithuania, Aurelius Veryga called the move historic, saying that the financial burden on people with low incomes will be reduced significantly.

“It is unfair that the people who most need help, have less access to it. Now the situation has changed dramatically — we can make each month, the elderly and people with disabilities could, for example, to afford more quality food instead of having to spend every Euro saved on medicines”, — said the Minister.

According to the Ministry of health, now in Lithuania there are about 165 thousand low-income people. The highest poverty rates were recorded among the elderly and the disabled.