Lithuania threatens the environmental security of Kaliningrad and Belarus

Литва угрожает экологической безопасности Калининграда и Беларуси

In Lithuania, the accident occurred at the plant for the production of nitrogen fertilizers Achema. In the fire unit for the production of nitric acid poisonous chemicals escaped into the air and poisoned the atmosphere janevska area. This is the second man-made disasters in Lithuania for the last week: a surprising number for a small country with a ruined large-scale industry, which in addition to the whole world is struggling with the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, denying the IAEA reports about the reliability of nuclear power plants and considering himself the only measure of environmental safety.

On the morning of Wednesday, December 11, residents of Jonava heard a loud explosion from the chemical plant Achema, one of the largest industrial enterprises of Lithuania. Then in the air rose a pillar of orange-red smoke.

It turned out that the plant exploded a gas pipe in one of the units for production of nitric acid in the air is horrible poisonous chemicals. Poisoned gas and oxides of nitrogen were placed on the ground near settlements Paglagay and Simiskey.

“At that moment in the air there was orange smoke, the so-called “Fox tail”; that is, during the stop the equipment has formed a number of substances. The process was brief, lasted for 1-1,5 minutes, and the wind blew the smoke in the opposite direction of where is Jonava,” he tried to reassure the population, the press service of the plant. Reassured, frankly, so-so.

The next day the Perm was visited by the Minister for the protection of the environment, who acknowledged that the accident at the Achema revealed systemic problems of Lithuania in the field of environmental security.”What I noticed and understood is the problem with informing the residents, and we most of all we will talk. You need to make any recommendations to revise the laws in such cases should inform about the incident, so that people at least knew what was going on around them, because otherwise the information field is filled with different messages, intimidation, there is chaos, which does not bring any benefit,” said Minister kęstutis Mazheyka.

It is noteworthy that this is the second major disaster in Lithuania for the last time.At the end of October a national scandal in the Republic caused a fire at the plant on production of automobile tires in the city of Alytus. The reason for the scandal was not the fire itself, but how the stock tires were extinguished. Then the Ministry of internal Affairs quickly reported that the fire is out, and a week later the local authorities raised a scandal in the whole of Lithuania, proving the pictures on social media that the fire place did not docosyl and thousands of tires smolder these days, poisoning the poisonous smoke of the surroundings.
In the ashes was forced to personally visit President Gitanas Nausea, who compared what he saw in Alytus with the Apocalypse. Lithuania took a local ecological disaster. Was contaminated soil and wastewater in the area of poisoning were 65 thousand local residents, farmers in the area have forbidden to sell meat and milk.

Lithuanian environmentalists have predicted that the effects of fire in southern Lithuania will be felt for another 10 years.Not too many man-made disasters for the little Lithuania in recent months? The share of industry in its economy is incomparable with neighboring Russia and Belarus. The share of industrial enterprises of “big chemistry” — especially. However, neither in Russia, nor in Belarus in recent years has not been man-made accidents, pulling on the status of the local environmental disaster.

In Lithuania, not just “coincidence” and environmental crises, related to the inefficiency and negligence of the state. The situation in Elitescam area — a consequence not of the fire and that the fire threw his unquenched (as revealed in the ensuing scandal, they had to work with the shortage of gas masks, protective clothing and fire machines).

It was the “human factor” and particularly the negligence of the supervising bodies the cause of the accident at the Achema, will show a consequence.

But in any case, on the totality of available factors, it turns out that Lithuania is a threat to environmental safety of their neighbors, not the neighbors threaten the ecological security of Lithuania.And in this respect is remarkable is not interrupted for a single day past almost four years, information and diplomatic war Vilnius with the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. A short list of news the last few days on request in the search engine “Belarusian NPP”: Lithuania wants to include the NPP in the agreement between the EU and Belarus on the partnership, the Lithuanian Parliament passed another law to block supplies from the NPP, Lithuania called on the Commission to focus on the problem of the NPP.

Security under construction in Ostrovets district of the nuclear plant specially to Lithuania many times recorded IAEA inspections, including Director General of the international organization in charge. However, the Lithuanian authorities believe that they can only be a measure of environmental security. Lithuania — the truth: once said that the nuclear plant is unsafe, so unsafe.By the way, the same hysteria in Vilnius was 10-13 years ago, when Russia planned to build in the Kaliningrad region of the Baltic NPP. It was also “inevitable second Chernobyl”.

However, the Lithuania last year leaked radioactive waste at its shutdown Ignalina nuclear power plant and a few months concealed emergency situations at a nuclear plant. The country’s leadership behaved in exactly the same way as the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee since Chernobyl. Withheld and suppressed. Who would then moan about a “second Chernobyl”? And about environmental safety in General, if you add on here Alytus and Jonava.

So who are the loudest shouts “stop thief!”? He is a thief and shouts. Aleksandr Nosovich

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