Lithuanian Prime Minister announced his resignation after the defeat in the presidential election

Премьер Литвы объявил об отставке после поражения на президентских выборах

Prime Minister Saulius Squirrels running for President of Lithuania, conceded defeat in the elections. Voting took place on Sunday, may 12. An official at the national television announced the intention to resign, writes TASS.

“The counting of votes talking about our defeat. Take it as appreciation of their work and resign,” said Squirrels.

After processing of ballots from 1586 plots ( of the country’s polling stations 1972) the Prime Minister has conceded the second position from 22.24% of the votes after the economist Gitanas Nausea (31,52%) ex-Finance Minister Ingrida Simonyte (to 26.76%). The gap between them began to grow after Glassbottom began to receive information of the largest cities in the country.

It is obvious that any candidate fails to win 50 percent of votes needed to win. It says on the second round. It will be the two leaders of the first stage.

Earlier it was reported that in Lithuania finished voting in the presidential elections.