Live: football fan staged the show with a beer

В прямом эфире: футбольный фанат устроил шоу с банкой пива

A football fan from France made a show with a beer in a live TV channel “Russia 1”.

This is reported

Reporter conducted a live broadcast from Brussels immediately after the French football team victory over Belgium in the semi-finals of the world Cup. In the background stood the crowd of France, celebrates his win on the street.

After 10 seconds of live broadcast in the frame broke in the Frenchman. He stood next to the journalist and started to smile widely, occasionally glancing at the camera. He then took out a jar of beer, kissed her, rubbed against her face and opened the drink. After he continued to grimace in front of the camera, and in the end the story began to dance with a jar in hand. The journalist remained calm throughout the live broadcast.

The audience laughed at the behavior of the French fans. “This is the best video I’ve seen about this world Cup. To tears,” they wrote in the comments under the video. “We have to accuse him of sexual assault,” joked another user.

On 10 July the French football team became the first finalist of the world Cup by beating Belgium with the score 1:0. In the second semi-finals will compete teams of England and Croatia.

The world Cup will last until July 15.

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