[LIVE FRIDAY 22 MAY 2020] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT VENDREDI 22 MAI 2020] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

The new coronavirus has made more than 333, 000 deaths in the world, while more than 5 121 000 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed.

Don’t miss out on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19 in the country and in the world.



  • Confirmed cases: 5 127 125
  • Dead: 333 398


  • Confirmed cases: 81 313
  • Dead: 6152


  • Confirmed cases: 45 495
  • Dead: 3800


  • Confirmed cases: 1 577 758
  • Dead: 94 729


9: 20 am | Tehran announced on Friday that 51 additional deaths related to the new coronavirus, bringing to 7300 the official death toll of the pandemic in Iran, the country the most grief-stricken of the Middle East.

9H09 | producers of colombian coffee, one of the most renowned in the world, fear that the harvest won’t dry up. The containment, imposed from two months to combat the spread of the COVID-19, prevents the pickers seasonal travel to reach the plantations.

8: 50am | The Czech authorities have declared Friday that the spread of the coronavirus remained under control, nearly two weeks after the reopening of shopping malls, cinemas and terraces of the restaurants.

8.35 | More than 100, 000 cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially recorded in Africa, a symbolic threshold but not reflecting that a fraction of the reality, by lack of testing capacity in many countries.

8: 20am | Distribution of masks to the clients of transport companies located in the metropolitan Community of Montreal as early as Monday.



7h44 | The second round of municipal elections in France will take place on 28 June, more than three months after a first round of controversial organized in a full pandemic, announced Friday that the first minister Edouard Philippe.


The secret of the 4 NURSING homes spared by the COVID-19



In Montreal, the few NURSING homes in which the coronavirus has not made any victim are small private institutions where it has not waited for instructions before acting.

The COVID-19 kills more people than cancers in Quebec



The COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in Quebec, besting the weekly average of deaths from cancer in the territory.



6: 20 AM | China has proclaimed that Friday, his victory over the new coronavirus that has affected its economy and continues to gallop elsewhere in the world, including in Brazil where the threshold of 20 000 dead has been taken.



6H11 | The proportion of young adults who died of the coronavirus is higher in Brazil than in most other countries, especially among the poorest, who have more difficulty to comply with the rules of social distancing.

6H06 | The Greek ministry of Migration on Friday announced the extension until June 7, the containment measures in the camps of asylum seekers, in place for more than two months to curb the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

4: 54A.M. | Russia announced on Friday a new record for the number of dead from new coronavirus in a single day with 150 victims, the epidemic remains stable in terms of new infections.

4: 50 AM | retail sales recorded a dip to a record of more than 18% in April in the United Kingdom because of the containment measures to combat the pandemic of coronavirus, with a collapse of more than half for the purchase of clothing.


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