[LIVE, JUNE 9] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 9 JUIN] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.

BALANCE sheet AT 11h08


Case : 7 155 952

Death : 407 302


Case : 96 616, 53 185 in Quebec

Death : 7894, 5029 Quebec


11h08 | COVID-19: the Quebec reaches milestone of 5,000 deaths.

10h53 | Virus: 15 million Iranians “could have” been contaminated.

Nearly 15 million Iranians may have been infected by the new coronavirus, was reported Tuesday, the agency, the iranian Isna, quoting a medical doctor and a member of the national committee of fight against the disease.

“According to the results of [various studies], approximately 15 million Iranians may have experienced contamination by this virus,” wrote Isna, quoting Dr. Ehsan Mostafavi.

This figure would correspond to a little less than 19% of the population of Iran (approximately 81 million inhabitants), where, according to the latest official figures 175 927 cases of infection by the coronavirus have been confirmed.

But it should be taken “with caution” because it is an extrapolation from serological tests performed on patients who have recovered from the disease (to identify their antibodies), and “it is also worth mentioning that this result is relatively similar to those of other studies carried out in the rest of the world,” wrote Isna, citing the same medical epidemiologist.

To Dr. Mostafavi, this nevertheless shows that the virus is “much less deadly than what we or the world had planned,” says Isna.

Iran, which has reported its first case of contamination in February, the countries of the Middle East most affected by the pandemic COVID-19.

9h47 | COVID-19: neutralizing antibodies fade quickly, according to researchers in montreal.

9h12 | COVID-19: a survey on the management criticized the crisis in France.

8: 10 | Spain: mask mandatory until the virus is “permanently vanquished”.

The mask will remain compulsory under penalty of a fine in Spain once the déconfinement completed, until the coronavirus is ” permanently vanquished “, has announced on Tuesday the minister of Health Spanish Salvador Illa.

A fine of 100 euros may be imposed for individuals who do not the not public way or in places closed when they can not maintain a safety distance of 1.5 metres with those around them.

8h09 | Coronavirus: protest in Nepal against the government.

The nepal police has dispersed on Tuesday a demonstration of 500 people in Kathmandu who were protesting against the management of the crisis of the sars coronavirus by the government, and arrested ten people.

Nepal has imposed a containment national on 24 march to curb the spread of the epidemic COVID-19. It is currently in effect until June 14.

Several hundred demonstrators carrying placards proclaiming “enough is enough” gathered in Kathmandu to demand for more testing, better infrastructure of quarantine for the returning migrants from abroad and more transparency in government spending.

“The economy is a field of ruins, the government has precipitated our health and our health system in crisis, and they have been inefficient and ineffective “, said to AFP Jagannath Lamichhane, an expert in mental health who participated in the gathering.

5: 14a.m | Coronavirus: back to normal in Moscow, 6,000 people dead in Russia.

5h12 | Lives saved or deaths reported, what “collateral damage” of the COVID-19?

To READ | British Columbia to halt rapidly the movement of staff between the centres long-term care from the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19. Two and a half months later, it has 35 times less people than Quebec in this type of establishment.

5h07 | Déconfinements but borders sealed: wrenching situations for many families.

5: 05 a.m | France: support plan for aeronautics of $ 23 billion in total.

1: 12 | The cruise hopes to release the head of the water, despite the ravages of the Covid-19.

1h02 | Why the pandemic abates not in the United States as in Europe.

READ | Three months after it announced the closure of more than half of its points of service in Québec and Ontario because of the pandemic, Desjardins will re-open gradually its funds from the 15 June.

0: 00 | In the full blitz of the organization of the autumn session, junior colleges opt for the return to class of students with protective equipment in laboratories and workshops for practical training.

0.00 | physiotherapists and acupuncturists refer to as excessive the new protection measures imposed since the reopening of the clinics.

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