[LIVE MAY 15] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT 15 MAI] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

The new coronavirus has made more than 300 000 deaths in the world, so that at least 4 400 000 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed.

Don’t miss out on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19 in the country and in the world.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 21h25


: 4 534 952

: 307 159


Affected by the virus
: 74 532, 41 420 in Quebec

: 5553, 3401 deaths in Quebec


21h09 | Even if the prison conditions are difficult because of the COVID-19, a judge refused to reduce the sentence of an accused, recalling that the drastic measures were taken for the security of the prisoners.

21h02 | COVID-19: 1680 excess deaths in the United States in 24 hours.

A man in a wetsuit walking on the streets of Queens, New York

20h58 | – Air Canada confirmed on Friday evening at the QMI Agency that between 50 % and 60 % of the workforce should be dismissed because of the significant reduction in air traffic.

20: 27 | The number of children with hand problems irritated is on the rise since the return to school in the Quebec city region because of the frequent use of disinfectant gel type of Purell to prevent the COVID-19.

20: 00 | coating anti-microbes capable of removing the coronavirus for 90 days.

19.20 | To allow them a little better to support the cap of 60 days of confinement, the prime minister of the province of Ontario has offered Friday to Canadians for his recipe of cheese cake (that he said take her aunt) in a video released on social networks.

19: 11 | The public health authorities in the country advise that Canadians continue to comply with the measures for the long weekend, such as social distancing and the wearing of the mask.

To READ | If they are not afraid to catch the COVID-19, a volunteer in montreal and his four comrades trapped on a island, almost deserted in the south of Myanmar have had to be creative to build a makeshift camp recycled until they can return home.

18: 59 | New manifestation of anti-confinement in Pennsylvania.

18h47 | The list of residences of older people affected by the COVID-19 produced by the authorities would be riddled with errors.

18h32 | COVID-19 in Quebec city: a 3rd death at the Manor and the Atrium.

18: 26 | The government Legault has released its guide to the stimulus of the camp day Friday. The camps, themselves, are still waiting to know what to expect.

18h09 | The Association of indigenous peoples of Brazil announced Friday that 38 indigenous peoples had already been affected by the new coronavirus.

16: 57 | The COVID-19 happe the full force of Hydro-Québec.

15: 30 | The Air France-KLM group announced on Friday that customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the crisis of the coronavirus may be reimbursed, as required by consumer organisations.

14h47 | removal of control points: always a lot of anxiety.

14h31 | A teacher composed a song on the containment to support families in need.


14: 20 | The commissioner of major league baseball, Rob Manfred, has said that the players will be tested several times a week for the COVID-19 when its circuit will resume its activities in the coming months.

14h08 | The national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, finds that workers in the health system, those in NURSING homes, in particular, are one of the main sources of contamination in the population at the present time.

13h50 | customers willing to pay up to $ 350 for a hair cut

Customers are ready to pay astronomical amounts of money to get a hair cut, fresh, as the date on which the hairdressing salons and barbers will reopen is still unknown.

13: 30 | Trump hopes for a vaccine by the end of the year, “it may be that before”

“We think we’re going to have very good results very quickly,” said Mr. Trump in the gardens of the White House.


13: 10 | press conference of François Legault : here are the highlights

  • Quebec will give a million masks in Montreal and six million $ to the transport companies for the MMC to provide and distribute free of charge.
  • Quebec there are 50 new deaths for a total of 3401 and 41 420 cases or 696 more than in the past.
  • All employees of NURSING homes, public and private, are currently being tested.
  • Quebec is preparing a reform of the network of NURSING homes and François Legault does not preclude nationalize.
  • François Legault has launched an appeal to young people and the unemployed to train to go to work in the health care network.


12: 45 pm | Distancing in the small: “we’re gonna do of the living dead” – Dr. Chicoine

The announcement of the postponement of the return to school in September is a “new that we must accept”, but it is a very bad news for the emotional security and social children, according to the pediatrician Jean-François Chicoine.

12: 33 | Quebec has forgotten the young, argues Jean-François Baril

In allowing the practice of activities such as golf, kayaking or fishing, rather than sports more accessible, such as baseball or soccer, the government Legault dropped to the teens, is sorry is the host Jean-François Baril.

12h12 | Five vaccine already tested on humans in China

China now has five experimental vaccines anti-COVID-19 tested on humans, and “the progress is going smoothly” with doses already inoculated with 2500 volunteers, said a vice-minister of Health.

12h03 | military lending a hand to a CHSLD have tested positive to the COVID-19

Members of the canadian armed Forces, which lend a strong hand to des CHSLD du Québec have contracted the COVID-19, confirmed a government source. The number of cases within the military forces deployed, however, is not known.

11: 55 am | Nearly 15% of the unpaid rent in may in Montreal

Nearly 15% of rents were still outstanding as at may 6 in Montreal, according to data from the Corporation of the real estate owners (CORPIQ) obtained by The Journal.

11: 30 am | Of the first patients welcomed at the Place Bell

Fifteen patients with the COVID-19 will be transferred from Friday on the olympic ice rink of the Place Bell, announced the integrated Centre of health and social services (CISSS) of Laval.


11: 15 am | The wage subsidy extended until the end of August

The prime minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the wage subsidy federal business will be adjusted and extended until the end of August.


10h48 | The reopening of the campgrounds in Quebec would be imminent. The government Legault is waiting for the agreement of the public health to make this announcement.

10: 25 am | The mouthwash would kill the coronavirus?

The mouthwash may offer protection against the COVID-19 according to a preliminary study that has yet to be proven.

10am | Montreal will create 327 km of new pedestrian and cycle paths

The City of Montreal will be in place from the next month of new pedestrian and cycle paths to allow the city to move this summer, while many may spend their holidays in the metropolis.

9h27 | in order To survive, the tourist regions will target their own “world”

The Quebecers be tourists in their own city and region? One thing is for certain, they will be in the sight of their own regional tourism association this summer. As attempts are made normally attract visitors from outside the regions would like to see the local people engage more with their corner of the world.

8.40 | Confinement extended until may 28 for the city of New York

The containment measures for the city of New York have been extended until the 28th may, said Friday the governor Andrew Cuomo.

8h18 | Africa, 200 million people could be infected in a year

More than 200 million people in Africa could be infected with the new coronavirus during the course of the first year, most with little or no symptoms, but up to 190 000 could die, according to the world Health Organization.

7h28 | Australia, bars and restaurants re-opened gently

The bars and restaurants of Sydney have re-opened gently their doors Friday, after weeks of forced closure due to the coronavirus, and had already many bookings for the weekend.

7h24 | Iran saves 2102 new cases, the highest increase in a month

Tehran has announced more than 2100 new cases of COVID-19, the largest increase in the number of infections in over a month, warning against outbreaks affecting new regions in Iran.

7h16 | Second-outbreak-of-COVID-19 in a CPE emergency Mascouche

6.50 | Many parents disappointed that the school does not start again

Disappointment and discouragement were palpable among many parents in the greater Montreal, who learned yesterday that their children would return not to the primary school by the end of the school year because of the COVID-19.


6: 12 | the health Network: Quebec does not rule out a reform

The prime minister François Legault does not rule out a further reform of the health network, less than five years after the Gaétan Barrette, while NURSING homes in the province complain that more than 2000 deaths, according to the last balance sheet.

5: 52 | First death in France of a child with a form close to Kawasaki disease

A 9 year-old child, reached symptoms of a related form of Kawasaki disease described in young patients who have been in contact with the coronavirus, has died, the first death of this kind in France, has it learned Friday from his doctor.

5h25 | A father prevented from seeing his two children

Despite a judgment of the court proving his rights to visit family and the ministerial decree confirming the right of access, the father of a family of Quebec had been denied access to her children at the road blockade in La Pocatière.

5h19 | The main consequences of a postponement of your pension

With everything that is happening, you may be wondering how to improve your retirement plan. This project, which was to deplete your capital to 80 years of age, and then for the rest, you say “come what may”, only inspires you more confidence.

5h12 | A little party before the outbreak

Three days before the outbreak of COVID-19 at the general Hospital of Quebec, employees have transported the residents to the exterior of the building, against the containment measures, to participate in a small celebration.

On may 7, employees of the general Hospital of Quebec (HGQ) have wanted that a few users get to enjoy a small feast organized by volunteers in front of the accommodation centre.


5: 10 a.m | Bill Gates, “voodoo doll” of the complotistes on the Internet

Bill Gates has “created the COVID-19”, wants to “depopulating the Ground”, “to implant microchips in the population”: false assertions like these, shared millions of times, literally explode on the Internet.

4h18 | Russia registers more than 10 000 new cases

Russia has identified more than 10 000 cases of infection with the coronavirus on Friday, a day when Moscow launches a large campaign of tests to try to establish the prevalence of antibodies in the population.

4h12 | Germany: decline of 2.2% of GDP in the 1st quarter, leaded by the coronavirus

Germany officially entered into recession in the first quarter, with a fall of 2.2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) caused by the pandemic coronavirus, prior to a dip much more brutal is expected in the spring.

3h41 | Slovenia declares the end of the epidemic, and opens its borders

Slovenia has proclaimed the end of the epidemic of COVID-19 on its territory, and re-opened its borders even if some of the preventive measures remain in force.


1 hour | Multiple hospitals in the Montérégie are struggling with outbreaks of COVID-19.

“All efforts are put in this time to stabilize the nursing staff and physicians in a caring environment specific,” said the door-word— of the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre, Sara-Eve Tremblay.

0: 00 | The wind may increase the transmission of the virus in the subway

The gusts of wind, in the metro, could project more than two metres, the droplets emitted by people infected with the coronavirus, believes an expert.



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