[LIVE MONDAY, 13 APRIL] All the developments of the pandemic COVID-19

[EN DIRECT LUNDI 13 AVRIL] Tous les développements de la pandémie de COVID-19

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with the life of the whole world.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.

LAST BALANCE sheet 12: 20 pm


Case: 1 872 073
Dead: 116 098
Restored: 441 820


With the virus
: 24 804, of which 12 846 in Quebec

: 734, of which 328 in Quebec


All the news about the COVID-19, Monday 13 April 2020

12h21 | Italy passes the milestone of 20, 000 deaths

566 new deaths were recorded in 24 hours, bringing to 20 465 the number of dead since the beginning of the pandemic, according to figures published by the civil Protection.

11: 45am | The COVID-19 is officially 10 times more deadly than H1N1, said the world Health Organization.

11h43 | New York State reaches milestone of 10 000 dead.

The State of New York has passed on Monday the milestone of 10 000 dead of the COVID-19, to achieve a 10-056, ” said governor Andrew Cuomo, with 671 deaths recorded during the past 24 hours.


11.20 | Ford says they have enough money to hold out until at the end of September

Ford, whose factories in north america and europe are at a standstill to contain the spread of the COVID-19, has assured to have enough cash to keep “at least” until the end of September.

11h | The OPEC and its partners are considering a decline of 20 million barrels of oil per day

Donald Trump has stated that the main oil-exporting countries expected a decrease in their production two times more important than the one announced the previous day by the OPEC and its key partners.

“For having been involved in the negotiations, and it is the least we can say, OPEC+ considers a decline of 20 million barrels per day, and not 10 million, as it is generally reported”, wrote the american president on Twitter.


10h35 | CCM Hockey ready to build hoods for protection

The company’s CCM Hockey says it is ready to manufacture 150 hoods of protection per week for workers in the health field who are fighting the COVID-19.

10h22 | The COVID also attacks the brain and kidneys

Over the COVID-19 spreads across the planet, more specialists are discovering that aspects of this new virus that is dreadful.


10h14 | 717 excess deaths in the United Kingdom, 11 329 total

The outbreak of new coronavirus has 717 people dead in the United Kingdom, bringing to 11 329 the total number of people who died in the hospital.

9h46 | A sailor of the us carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt dies of the COVID-19

The marine, whose identity or age were not disclosed, was found unconscious Friday morning at a medical check-up daily in the facilities made available to the crew. He had been transferred from the intensive care unit of the hospital in Guam, said the US Navy in a press release.

9h07 | Germany is preparing to gradually remove restrictions

The national Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has advocated a return “steps” to the normal, particularly if the figures of new infection “will stabilise at a low level” and if “the measures of hygiene are maintained.”

8: 45am | New-balance grim in NURSING homes in the Greater Montreal

There are now 26 deaths at CHSLD Lasalle, 22 the CHSLD Ste-Dorothée and 14 at the CHSLD of The Pine forest, all in the greater Montreal area.

7: 50 | Health Canada approves the test-minute of Spartan Bioscience

Health Canada has approved the quick test of the COVID-19 of Spartan Bioscience, said the company. The Ottawa-based company promises to detect the presence of the virus SARS-CoV-2 in 30 minutes or less using a portable device of tens of centimetres to 1.6 kg.

7h10 | “It is not easy to deal with murderers”

The outrage is widespread since that was the day the situation that would prevail at the CHSLD Herron Dorval, then, that in a single month, 31 elders are deceased. One of the managers and owners of this private residence is keen to give his version of the facts.

6h31 | Iran account 111 new deaths, the total balance sheet amounted to 4585 dead

The authorities in Tehran announced Monday, 111 additional deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours, up to 4585 dead the official death toll in Iran, the country most hit by the epidemic of COVID-19 in the Near and Middle East.

6h08 | South Korea will send the first shipments of the screening tests to the United States Tuesday

Companies in south korea, will speak Tuesday in the United States of the first cargoes of tests to assist Washington in the fight against the new coronavirus.

5h39 | The balance sheet of the pandemic in Spain decreased to 517 dead

The balance sheet daily of the pandemic in Spain declined Monday to 517 deaths, while the country returns cautiously to work, according to figures from the ministry of Health.


3h38 | Moscow launches the electronic pass

The city of Moscow on Monday launched a system of electronic pass strengthening the control of the confinement in the Russian capital, the epicenter of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country with health services are overburdened.

0h50 | virus, or hunger in a poor area of Caracas

“Go home!”: In Petare, the biggest favela in Venezuela, the military is struggling to enforce the containment. For Gladys, as for many others, being outside is a matter of survival : “One makes war on hunger”.

00h46 | The temple of music silenced by the coronavirus

The year 2020 was to be dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven. But because of the new coronavirus, no note will sound in Vienna, one of the world capitals of the music, and it’s a whole economic sector, which fears for its future.

00h34 | flaws of Guayaquil in the management of the Covid-19 in Ecuador

Guayaquil, the economic capital of Ecuador, pays a chaos insurmountable weaknesses in the management of the new coronavirus, and has become one of the Latin American cities most affected by the pandemic.

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