[LIVE-MONDAY, MAY 25, 2020] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT LUNDI 25 MAI 2020] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

The new coronavirus has more than 345 000 deaths in the world, while almost 5 424 000 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed.

Don’t miss out on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19 in the country and in the world.



  • Confirmed cases: 5 424 718
  • Dead: 345 296


  • Confirmed cases: 84 699
  • Dead: 6424


  • Confirmed cases: 47 411
  • Dead: 3984


  • Confirmed cases: more than 1 643 000
  • Dead: nearly 98, 000 deaths

All the news from the Monday, may 25, 2020

6h16 | Iran reopened Monday, the main shrines, saints, shia in the country, closed in march to combat the outbreak of new coronavirus-who has made more than 7,000 lives in the islamic Republic.


6: 15 | The japanese prime minister announced on Monday the lifting of the state of emergency in the last regions of the archipelago where it was still in force, including Tokyo, allowing the third largest economy in the world to restart, while calling for caution.


5h18 | Madrid and Barcelona, were on Monday, their parks and their terraces after ten weeks of a sub-the strictest in the world, while the inhabitants of other Spanish regions less affected by the pandemic can again enjoy the pleasures of bathing in the sea.

5h08 | A app for tracking people infected with the new coronavirus, the use of which is mandatory in Qatar under penalty of prison, has sparked a rare public outcry, prompting the authorities to attempt to reassure the population of the small emirate gas.

4h05 | After a two-month ban due to the outbreak of coronavirus, domestic flights were again able to take off Monday in India, in a partial manner and in a certain confusion.


4: 50 am | Finished the sport alone, at home or outside… swimming Pools and sports halls are re-opened their doors Monday in Italy, marking a new step in the déconfinement started three weeks ago.

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