[LIVE-SUNDAY, 19 APRIL] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT DIMANCHE 19 AVRIL] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with the life of the whole world.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 19h48


: 2 394 291

: 164 938

: 611 430


Total with
: 35 056, 18 of 357 in Quebec

: 1583, of which 877 in Quebec


20h40 | food banks are more requested than ever

The pandemic of COVID-19 savings few people. Beyond the people who are affected, they are several to turn to food banks to feed themselves.

20h33 | A face on the police officer who lost his life in Nova Scotia

The police officer who lost his life on Sunday during the shooting in Nova Scotia is survived by two children and a husband.

20: 24 | COVID-19: Couche-Tard waives temporarily to buy Caltex

Because of the uncertainty caused by the crisis of the COVID-19, Couche-Tard has temporarily relinquished to acquire the chain of convenience stores and service stations australian Caltex.

20: 15 | COVID-19: caring in a truck

A Montreal doctor has designed an ingenious clinic in a truck to treat patients during the outbreak of coronavirus, which is protected behind a screen of plexiglas.

19h58 | drug Seizures in sharp decline

Seizures of drugs being imported from abroad, are in net regression to the entrance doors of the country since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19.

19h48 | intermediate resources are crying out for help

Unlike employees, who are in NURSING homes, employees of intermediary resources have not received yet the wage increase promised by Quebec at the beginning of the month.

19h36 | Come lend a hand, but struck by the COVID-19

A student of microbiology, who had been one of the only ones used to denounce face to face, the conditions at CHSLD LaSalle, is finally it also reached the COVID-19.



19: 14 | Volunteers, but under certain conditions

Health care workers of eastern Quebec say they are ready to be deployed in the hotspots of the pandemic, but to ask to have the tools needed to protect them.

18: 50 | COVID-19 : the First patients at the site of the École nationale de police in Nicolet

The first patients arrived Sunday at the site of containment in the building of the École nationale de police du Québec in Nicolet, in Centre-du-Québec.

18h49 | An officer in coma : police worried about patrol in the subway

While one of their colleagues who was on patrol in the subway rests between life and death after being infected with the COVID-19, Montréal police officers are demanding an investigation to determine the risk of contamination in these large underground spaces.



18h39 | Resale of medical products and essential goods: British Columbia is rife

British Columbia, one of the provinces that fare the best since the beginning of the pandemic, will now give tickets to those who try to resell or to inflate the prices of medical equipment and essential goods.

18h34 | New case of negligence in a seniors ‘ residence?

A seniors ‘ residence in Saint-Hubert, Montérégie, where the majority of residents are infected by the COVID-19, has been supported by the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre.



18h08 | caregivers want to be able to help their mother

Caregivers criticize the decision of the provincial government which allows them to again play a role with the elderly, but only in NURSING homes.

17: 45 | Coronavirus: the Senegal requires the mandatory wearing of the mask

Senegal has imposed Sunday the mandatory wearing of the mask during the period of the state of emergency, scheduled to last a month until the beginning of may, to fight against the Covid-19.

17h32 | owners of a coffee benefit from the containment to create memories with their children

A couple who own a coffee shop manages to reconcile work and family in the midst of the crisis of the sars coronavirus by inviting her children to participate in the tasks of the family business.



17: 03 | hard, Hard to find yeast in the grocery store

The yeast seems not found so consumers flocked to grocery stores to get their hands on this ingredient, which allows them to raise bread and pizza dough at home in confinement time.

17: 03 | A little bit of music to seniors in Sept-Îles

In spite of the strong winds that blew in Sept-Îles Sunday afternoon, several seniors are out on the balconies of the Residence of the Builders to hear a few songs performed by Alain-Denis Fleury and Cassandra Beaudin.

16h36 | COVID-19: explosion event in a CHSLD de Montréal hitherto spared

One of the last CHSLD de l’ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal to be spared by the COVID-19 has been seen, in four days, his situation escalate, learned VAT News.

16: 30 | Funding for housing : Over $ 20 million available

Despite the need for social housing in Montreal, more than $ 20 million are sleeping in a fund of the City topped by contributions from real estate developers.

15h35 | Coronavirus: the United States crossed the bar of 40, 000 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins university

The United States have taken Sunday the bar of 40 000 died of the new coronavirus, with more than 40 500 deaths that beset since the beginning of the epidemic, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.



15h28 | Quebec called regions in reinforcements in its fight against the COVID-19

Quebec calls on the regions in reinforcements in its fight against the COVID-19. Health workers in places that are spared by the pandemic are called now to go to the CHSLD of Montreal, Laval and the Montérégie.

14h53 | To a relief of the containment in some countries in Europe

The containment measures taken in several major western countries to stem the pandemic of sars coronavirus appeared to bear fruit, to the point that their relief is the order of the day, with caution and in a more or less short term.

14h51 | CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée : a clinician specialist has never seen anything like

14h44 | palliative Care: end of life difficult time COVID-19

While the pandemic of the COVID-19 that is rampant through the world grabbing all the attention, the patients at the end of life who receive palliative care are left to fend for themselves.

14h03 | the government and The States disagreed about the lifting of restrictions

The administration of Donald Trump and the governors of the States of the us competed on the possibility of lifting restrictions put in place because of the outbreak of coronavirus, in a tense atmosphere further enhanced by the support of the president in demonstrations calling for the resumption of normal activity.

13h36 | Turkey exceeds 2,000 deaths from the coronavirus

Turkey has announced 127 new deaths of people affected by the coronavirus in a day, pushing up its balance sheet total in 2017, up dead.

13h18 | [DAILY UPDATE] 18 357 confirmed cases and 877 deaths in Quebec

Quebec now has 18 357 confirmed cases and 877 deaths, an increase of 836 people infected and 72 deaths compared to yesterday.


12h28 | The epidemic in New York now on a curve “top-down”

The epidemic of coronavirus in the State of New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has begun for the first time, a curve “downward,” said governor Andrew Cuomo.

12h09 | France approach the 20 000 dead

The epidemic of coronavirus has caused nearly 20,000 deaths in France, 395 more in 24 hours, but the number of patients in the hospital and in the icu continues its slow decrease.

11h42 | facilitator Claude Lafortune dies as a result of the COVID-19

The facilitator Claude Lafortune, known for for the children’s show the gospel in The paper, died Sunday morning in the aftermath of the COVID-19.

11: 15 am | No agreement for a return to the Commons

Despite the negotiations, the political parties have still not reached an agreement on the resumption of parliament in the House of commons scheduled on Monday.


It is 9: 59 | Anxious and fearful, Italy is preparing his déconfinement

Its economy to stop its citizens locked up at home, Italy does not speak more than déconfinement, between impatience to leave and fear of a second wave of the pandemic.

9h32 | 596 people dead at a hospital in the United Kingdom, more than 16 000 in total

In total, 16 060 people died of the disease COVID-19 in the hospital and 120 067 persons were found positive for the virus, announced the ministry of Health.

9h10 | beneficiaries Attendant died: “We go there with fear in the womb”

The death of the first beneficiaries attendant in Montreal, the concrete expression of a fear already palpable to many of its counterparts with which The Log is maintained.


8: 50am | continued Confinement, mental health to monitor

The psychological consequences of the confinement, that several of the countries affected by the pandemic coronavirus have extended this week, concerned about the mental health professionals, which require a real consideration of the question.

8: 30am | rental Housing: Québec solidaire presents an emergency plan

Québec solidaire, shall submit to the government Legault an emergency plan for the housing and the press to fight the “locations illegal” type Airbnb. The political formation of the left considers a housing crisis in a context of pandemic COVID-19.

7: 20 am | Still covidiots recalcitrant

The Journal identified other individuals who do not comply with the health regulations imposed by the authorities.

6 h | Spain has a record 410 people dead in the last 24 hours, in sharp decline compared to the 565 identified the day before.

5: 45 | Australia demand an independent investigation into the management of the crisis

Australia calls for the opening of an independent investigation into the global fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus and the way the WHO has handled the crisis.

5h40 | Clerk victim of the COVID-19: “It was one of the best”

A first clerk to beneficiaries described as a woman who had the heart on the hand is dead Friday, as a “great loss” for the community, support of colleagues.

5: 30 | faces of the pandemic

Behind all of these words used to describe the crisis that disrupts our daily life since more than a month, there are especially people whose lives have been shortened. The latter years have been stolen in circumstances that are often painful. More than 800 families in quebec have already been plunged into mourning. Our team of journalists has collected the history of 44 of them, because it appeared to us essential to put a face to the too many victims of this killer sneaky and invisible.

5 pm | 1700 migrants stranded in the jungle by the coronavirus

About 1,700 illegal migrants en route to the United States have been confined by the authorities in an area of the jungle of panama by reason of cases of the novel coronavirus detected among them.

They collect in a moisture poisonous to The Peñita, locality, indigenous close to the colombian border, in facilities planned to accommodate approximately 200 people.

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