[LIVE-SUNDAY, APRIL 26,] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT DIMANCHE 26 AVRIL] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with the life of the whole world.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.

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Affected by the virus
: 45 354, 23 267, Quebec

: 2465, 1446, Quebec

All the news from Sunday 26 April

8: 15 am | More than 90 000 cases officially confirmed in Iran

Iran has passed the milestone of 90 000 infections with the novel coronavirus, according to official figures published Sunday in Tehran, which also report the lowest numbers of deaths daily due to the disease since mid-march.

7: 33 | China is trying to take advantage of the disunity of the european

To think that China is in the process of sabotaging Europe is a strong exaggeration. It would be more accurate to say that China is taking advantage of the weaknesses and disunity of europe.

  • Follow-up of the folder from our expert on China Loïc Tassé.

7h10 | A déconfinement gradual remains desirable

The absence of scientific evidence regarding the immunity supposed people who have been cured of the COVID-19 does not question the intention of the government Legault, proceed to the déconfinement gradual of the company, according to experts.

6h05 | Powerful appeal of the beautiful weather

Picnic on blankets separated. “Jam” music to 2 meters distance. The parks were filled with people yesterday who took advantage of the nice weather to see friends for the first time, despite the containment is still in force.

“With the spring, it was a big rush of vitality. You want to be outside and enjoy life,” says Annab Aubin Thuot, 29 years.

5: 41 | Australia is launching an application for tracing cases of coronavirus

Australia has launched a smart phone application designed to track the contacts with persons diagnosed positive for the coronavirus, in order to break the chain of contamination, the authorities are trying to allay the concerns relating to the respect of private life.

5h33 | loved ones consumed by fear

Families say they died from anxiety to force to be kept in ignorance about the state of their loved one in a seniors ‘ residence in Montreal, where 75 % of the residents are infected by the coronavirus.

“I want to talk to me and tell me how to take care of my aunt. At this moment, I have the impression that we just wait for it to have the COVID-19 and she died, ” says Lorraine Clairoux, the voice broken by emotion.

5h24 | Faces of the pandemic

Behind all the statistics, there are especially people whose lives have been cut short by the COVID-19. Already more than 1400 families in quebec are mourning the loss, of which 569 were added in the last week alone. Our journalists have picked up the history of some of them in order to put a face to the too many victims of this pandemic is unprecedented.

5h12 | China seizes 89 million masks of very poor quality

China has assured on Sunday to have seized approximately 89 million masks are non-compliant in full pandemic COVID-19, at the time when the country is trying to allay fears about the quality of the medical equipment exported.

5: 00 am | The balance sheet daily life in Spain goes down to 288 dead

3h58 | First outings for the children of Spain after six weeks of confinement

Locked up for six weeks, the Spanish children were preparing Sunday to offer a breath of fresh air, thanks to a first relaxation of the strict containment in Europe, imposed on 14 march when the epidemic broke out on the big day.

3: 45 pm | The head of the Italian government Giuseppe Conte promises the reopening of schools in September

3h06 | Ten-seven police officers are dead from the COVID-19 in Peru

2h11 | full pandemic, Beijing forbidden behavior “uncivilized,”

0h47 | The Fed meets, its outlook for the u.s. economy are eagerly awaited

0h46 | Boris Johnson is expected to have on its strategy in the face of the coronavirus

0h46 | New York, companies are preparing themselves gently to reopen

The banks are planning to extend indefinitely to work from home and to stagger the hours of arrival at the office in New York city, where hoteliers to test the best formula that would allow clients to avoid the home to reach out to their rooms.

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