[LIVE] take-Off history of a rocket SpaceX with two astronauts on board

[EN DIRECT] Décollage historique d’une fusée SpaceX avec deux astronautes à bord

Kennedy space center | The american astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley flew in Saturday from the Kennedy space center in Florida aboard a rocket SpaceX, first private company to be awarded by Nasa the responsibility to send their precious astronauts.

Taking advantage of a break, a rocket company founded by Elon Musk took off at 15h22 and placed in orbit without a hitch on the capsule Crew Dragon some ten minutes later, for its first manned flight, and the first launched by the United States since 2011.

After having fulfilled his task to pull the two men to the earth’s gravity, the first stage of the rocket is 70 meters separated as planned and returned to land, vertically, on a barge off the coast of Florida — SpaceX is the only company in the world to recover and its launchers.

And then the second stage of Falcon 9 placed the Dragon on the right orbit, in the direction of the international space Station, which flies at more than 400 km above the oceans, at more than 27 000 km/h.

By doing this, a camera has retransmitted the interior of the capsule in direct, showing the two men tied in their seats during their ascent, supersonic.

“Separation Dragon confirmed,” announced the director of launch.

“Congratulations (…) for this first trip inhabited for Falcon 9, it was amazing,” said astronaut Doug Hurley, commander of the ship then that Dragon was flying already at 27 000 km/h, about 200 km altitude.

The two men will reach the ISS on Sunday at 10h29.

President Donald Trump has attended in person at the launch a few miles away, and deliver a speech at the Kennedy center to 17h.

“True geniuses, nobody does it like us “, he believed, stating that the prowess of the United States in space would be ” one of the most important things we’ve ever done “.

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