[LIVE THURSDAY 2 APRIL] The latest developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT JEUDI 2 AVRIL] Les derniers développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with life as we know it.

You will find here all the news in connection with this crisis that has hit the government, the economy and the population in the course of the day.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 5h49


Confirmed cases: 941 949
Dead: 47 522
Restored: 195 929


Affected by the virus: 9731, whose 4611 in Quebec

Deaths: 111, including 33 in Quebec

All the news from the Thursday, April 2, 2020

7h24 | China accused of having lied about the number of dead.

To READ | masks ubiquitous in Asia, but their effectiveness is open to debate.

6h55 | Greece: a camp of migrants infected with the coronavirus placed in quarantine.

To READ | masks for the Quebec diverted.

6.50 | Ecuador, Guayaquil under the shock in the face of the neglect of the dead of the coronavirus.

6h49 | The candidate Biden stopped in his tracks in the face of a Trump omnipresent.

6h39 | The president of the philippines request the police to kill the disturbers of the containment.

5: 45 am | 60% of the staff of Lufthansa to partial unemployment.

The air group, Lufthansa is going to put more than 60% of its employees to partial unemployment, to cope with the drastic drop in air traffic, as a result of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, said the group on Thursday.

Lufthansa “has registered or intends to register” 87 000 135 000 employees of the part-time unemployment measures in the countries where it operates, of which 62 000 in Germany, says a spokesperson of the group to the AFP.

5h42 | Spain exceeds the bar of 10 000 dead.

5h39 | The minister of Health of israel tested positive for the coronavirus.

The israeli minister of Health, the ultra-orthodox Yaakov Litzman, has been tested positive Thursday for the new coronavirus, resulting in a return to a quarantine preventive of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had just harden the measures already stringent to limit the spread of the pandemic.

5h24 | The milestone of 1,000 deaths, made in Belgium.

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus has caused the death of over 1000 people in Belgium, according to a new official report release Thursday by the health authorities.

The number of deaths has doubled in the space of three days, in particular due to the recognition offset of the deaths occurring in retirement homes. There has been 1011 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic for 15 348 confirmed cases, there were clear during a press conference.

4h48 | Togo decreed a health emergency and curfew.

4h37 | Criticized, Boris Johnson promised to increase “massively” screening.

4h25 | Return of the confinement in a county of central China.

600,000 inhabitants of a county of central China have been placed in confinement following the discovery of a case of COVID-19, at a time when the country fears a new wave of contaminations.

3h53 | North Korea reaffirms that it has no cases of the coronavirus.

North Korea has no case of new coronavirus, has provided the AFP a top Health officer in Pyongyang, at a time when some countries are sceptical about the absence of any contamination at the COVID-19 in this territory.

This State poor and isolated diplomatically, surrounded by China and South Korea, two countries highly affected by the virus, had strictly closed all of its borders by the end of January and took drastic measures of containment.

3h11 | The jazzman Ellis Marsalis dies having contracted the COVID-19.

The jazz musician Ellis Marsalis, patriarch of a family of great names in jazz, died on Wednesday at the age of 85 years, after having contracted the coronavirus, has announced his son, Branford.

This pianist and teacher, who has been featured on dozens of albums in a career of several decades, is the father of trumpeter Wynton and saxophonist Branford Marsalis.

1h09 | 9000 crew members of cruise vessels detected in Australia.

The police and the army australian will héliporter of the doctors on several cruise ships, located near Sydney, to undertake testing for the new coronavirus of the 9,000 crew members, announced Thursday the authorities.

This vast military operation, which is expected to begin this weekend, has the objective of settling the dispute between cruise companies to the australian authorities.

0h47 | Easter island affected by the coronavirus.

More than 3500 km of the coast of south america, the inhabitants of Easter island adhere strictly to the containment measures to address the coronavirus, which has already infected at least two people. But they are afraid of the difficult days in the absence of tourists.

The island is a chilean 7750 inhabitants, situated in the south Pacific and known for its impressive megaliths to the mysterious origin, has accounted for the time two reported cases of coronavirus and two other suspected cases are being analysed.

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