[LIVE TUESDAY 7 APRIL] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT MARDI 7 AVRIL] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with life as we know it.

You will find here all the news in connection with this crisis that has hit the government, the economy and the population in the course of the day.

LAST BALANCE sheet 8.10


Case: 1 360 039
Dead: 75 973
Restored: at least 285 327


Affected by the virus : 16 667 , of which 8580 in Quebec

Deaths : 323, 121 in Quebec

All the news from the Tuesday, April 7,

8h41 | life imprisonment, a possibility for the “tousseur” of Quebec?

8h34 | Sweden: more than 100 died of the coronavirus in 24 hours.

More than 100 people infected with the new coronavirus have died in 24 hours in Sweden, according to the tally published on Tuesday at 14: 00 (local time) by the agency of public Health.

This country of 10.3 million inhabitants, which has adopted more flexible measures in order to contain the spread of the virus, are now 7 693 cases of infection and deplores 591 deaths, a mortality significantly higher than that observed in its neighbouring nordic countries. However, note the agency, on the 114 new deaths Tuesday, a portion of which comes from revised figures for the last few days.

8h22 | Cats, dogs or rabbits, indirect victims of the coronavirus.

8h19 | COVID-19: The opposition parties ask for an improvement to the tax credit for solidarity.

The liberal mp Monique Saved

To READ | 4500 seamstresses are mobilizing to provide medical equipment.

7: 02 am | Québec must unveil today its projections on the pandemic.

The quebec government will unveil today its guidelines on the duration and extent of the health crisis that saw the Quebec.

6h39 | The british tour operators want to avoid repaying their customers

Companies in the travel sector of the United Kingdom demand the right not to refund their customers for the travel and stays cancelled because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus, claiming that otherwise they risk bankruptcy.

6.37 | More than 75 000 deaths in the world, according to figures from the Johns Hopkins university.

6: 28 | A mayor in Ukraine is digging graves for prompt containment.

A mayor of ukraine is to dig hundreds of graves because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, and in order to encourage the population to respect the containment, a controversial measure, the city he leads, Dnipro, having so far recorded no deaths.

6h27 | UNESCO concerned about “potential threats” to the most vulnerable.

6h13 | Vladimir Putin wants a “quick recovery” to the british prime minister Boris Johnson.

Russian president Vladimir Putin asked on Tuesday a “quick recovery” to the british prime minister Boris Johnson, suffering from the new coronavirus and admitted the day before in the intensive care unit.

“I am certain that your energy, your optimism and your sense of humor will help you to defeat the disease,” said Mr Putin in a telegram addressed to the british leader, quoted in a press release from the Kremlin.

5: 56 | Finland strengthens its border controls.

To stem the outbreak of a new coronavirus, Finland announced on Tuesday that strengthen its border controls in order to further reduce the arrivals from neighbouring countries, including Sweden, which applies measures will be much more flexible in the face of the spread of the virus.

5h49 | 10 newborns tested positive to the COVID-19 in a maternity ward in Romania.

Ten new-born babies have been tested positive to the COVID-19 in a maternity ward in Romania, in Timisoara, after you have without a doubt been contaminated by caregivers, leading the ministry of Health to open an investigation.

“Moms are negative, the babies, however, are positive”, said late Monday night the minister of Health Nelu Tataru, stressing that the babies had been “in contact with the medical staff”.

5h36 | the balance sheet of The coronavirus is rising again in Spain: 743 deaths.

The balance sheet daily to the pandemic coronavirus is on the rise again Tuesday in Spain, after four days of declines, with 743 deaths, which bring the total to 13 798, according to figures from the ministry of Health.

5: 13 am | France is in its 4th week of confinement, nearly 9000 dead.

France came Tuesday in its fourth week of containment to combat the epidemic of coronavirus, which has now caused the death of about 9000 people in the country.

No question of releasing the efforts made so far to combat the epidemic, reaffirmed Tuesday the government.

5h01 | The state of emergency is declared for seven areas of Japan.

The japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday the state of emergency for an initial period of one month, to Tokyo and six other regions of the archipelago in the face of a recent acceleration in the number of cases of COVID-19 in the archipelago.

3: 56 hours | 148 000 French have been repatriated.

Approximately 148 000 French presence abroad have been brought in France since the beginning of the containment mid-march, said Tuesday the French authorities, in asserting that only “a few thousands” of citizens were to be repatriated.

3h29 | India relaxes its ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine.

A time of 3.17 | Boris Johnson has received the oxygen, but is not placed under a respirator.

The british prime minister Boris Johnson, who has spent the night in intensive care after being diagnosed positive to the new coronavirus, was given oxygen but is not on life support, said on Tuesday a minister of the first plan, Michael Gove.

0h39 | A cathedral in New York used as a field hospital.

A vast cathedral in the centre of New York is in the process of being transformed into a field hospital in the megalopolis u.s. especially hard-hit by the coronavirus, has announced a religious leader in the New York Times of Tuesday.

0h22 | The american series “All Rise” innovates and turns a episode remote.

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