[LIVE WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL] The latest developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT MERCREDI 1 AVRIL] Les derniers développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with life as we know it.

You will find here all the news in connection with this crisis that has hit the government, the economy and the population in the course of the day.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 6h24


Confirmed cases: 862 234
The dead: 42 404
Restored: at least 178 718


Affected by the virus: Total number of cases in the country: 8591, whose 4162 in Quebec

Death: 101

All the news of the April 1, 2020

6: 51 | Turkmenistan bans the word “coronavirus”.

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6h49 | In Belgrade, the desolation of the play areas have been emptied of their children.

6: 40 | COVID-19: a welsh town confined stormed by wild goats.

6h39 | convalescent Centres in Italy : the fear of a “bomb viral”.

6: 28 | COVID-19 : obesity and diabetes are weakening the Mexican.

5h48 | Iran is officially more than 3000 dead.

5h44 | Spain records 864 deaths in 24 hours, the balance sheet exceeds the 9000 deaths.

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4h26 | Nearly 6 million of controls already carried out in France.

The police have made $ 5.8 million in checks since the beginning of the confinement in France, said on Wednesday the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, cautioned the French against any temptation of a vacation of spring.

 4h17 | Fellowships european fall down to the opening.

The european stock markets fell on Wednesday at the opening, leaded by bad news on the economic front and health, in particular in the United States

3h30 | Russia sends a plane load of humanitarian aid in the United States.

Russia announced on Wednesday that it had sent a plane load of humanitarian aid in the United States, hard hit by the pandemic, related to the new coronavirus that has claimed more than 4000 dead.

An Antonov-124 of the Russian air force, “with its edge of medical masks and medical equipment, is party to the United States,” said the Russian Defence ministry in a press release.

3h15 | China announces 1367 asymptomatic cases.

China released on Wednesday for the first time the number of people currently positive to the new coronavirus, but asymptomatic, that is to say, not having the cough and the fever characteristics of the COVID-19.

The country was until then state that patients infected develop clinical symptoms. They are 81 554, according to the latest balance sheet of the ministry of Health.

2h04 | The Tokyo stock Exchange fall at the closing (Nikkei: -4,5%).

1h48 | Fujifilm starts a clinical study of an antiviral promising.

The japanese company Fujifilm has started a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of its flu medicine Avigan (favipiravir) for treatment of patients with the new coronavirus, after the encouraging results of other studies conducted in China on this product.

“The test will be conducted on 100 patients by the end of June in Tokyo, said Wednesday to AFP a spokesman for Fujifilm, known to the public for its desktop products and photography, but which is also present in the medical sector.

0h46 | After having resisted, an american university resolves to the containment.

While the universities of Virginia closed their doors to curb the epidemic of coronavirus, the president of Liberty, in Lynchburg, welcomed its students back from holidays. Until Monday night, when Jerry Falwell had to decide to cancel the last course taught on campus.

0h16 | There are more than 4000 deaths in the United States.

The number of deaths due to the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 4,000, a figure multiplied by two in three days, announced on Wednesday that the us Johns Hopkins University, whose balance sheets are the authoritative source.

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