[LIVE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22,] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT MERCREDI 22 AVRIL] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic COVID-19 plays with the life of the whole world.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.

LAST BALANCE sheet | 6: 59am


: 2 578 930

: 178 096

: at least 688 129


Total with
: 38 422, 20 126, Quebec

: 1834,1041 death in Quebec

All the news of the April 22,

7h29 | The proportion of patients who leave the er without seeing a doctor increasing in Quebec.

6.50 | The family of Stephen Hawking gives his respirator at a hospital.

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6: 45 am | The pandemic should not make people forget about the global warming, warning the united nations.

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6h39 | Eight babies and young children, residents of a reception centre in Tokyo have been tested positive to the COVID-19, visibly contaminated by one of the instructors.

6: 35 | COVID-19: the first clinical trials of a vaccine in Germany.

6h33 | The beer sales of Heineken “heavily” impacted by the containment.

6: 30 am | More than half of the parents have seen the psychological condition of their children deteriorate.

5h24 | 435 dead in 24 hours in Spain, the second day of slight rebound.

Spain has identified Wednesday, 435 died of the new coronavirus in 24 hours, a figure that has increased slightly for the second consecutive day and bringing the total deaths to 21 717, announced the ministry of Health.

5: 10 a.m | Nearly 3,500 health care providers infected in Turkey.

5h08 | economy: Charest is a lobbyist for companies that are called essential.

Jean Charest intervened with the government to ensure that companies are saying are essential to be able to continue their activities, despite the pause of Quebec until the 4th of may.

From 23 march to 12 April, Mr. Charest has contacted the ministry of Economy and the cabinet of minister Pierre Fitzgibbon on several occasions to defend the interests of 14 québec and foreign businesses, says the Registry of lobbyists.

5h06 | Quebec fares poorly.

The grim toll of deaths in NURSING homes is ensuring that Québec now ranks among the leaders in unenviable places in the world where the COVID-19 is the most deadly.

If it were a country, Quebec would have the dubious honor of ending up in 12th position in the ranking of States with the most deaths relative to their population, according to an analysis from public data.

4h56 | The COVID-19 has made its first victim in the United States 20 days earlier than thought.

Two people who died in California, at the beginning and in the middle of the month of February, were the first victims of the coronavirus in the United States, several weeks before the first death officially recorded to date, said the coroner of the county of Santa Clara.

4h01 | The milestone of 10 million workers in part-time unemployment exceeded in France.

3h35 | Sydney will reopen in Bondi Beach.

Swimmers and surfers will be able to return the next week on the famous Bondi beach Beach in Sydney, nearly six weeks after its closure due to the epidemic of coronavirus, announced on Wednesday that the authorities.

Its white sand will remain prohibited for sun lovers, runners as well as families in order to comply with the measures of social distancing.

1h58 | First case of new coronavirus in a palestinian refugee camp.

0h56 | Egypt sends medical aid to the United States.

Egypt has sent out Tuesday by aircraft of the medical equipment in the United States to assist them in their fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus, in a reversal of roles for this country, which boasts a significant u.s. aid.

0h46 | Under-equipped, the Russian doctors, victims and vectors of the COVID-19.

0h45 | The 2nd wave of coronavirus could be worse than the 1st, according to a u.s. official.

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