Local purchase: François Legault ready to circumvent the rules of international

Achat local: François Legault prêt à contourner les règles internationales

QUEBEC – prime minister François Legault said he was ready Friday to derogate from the international conventions that govern the trade to encourage local purchasing.

“There are all kinds of ways to work around these [agreements] international, but it is certain that there needs to be more produce in the province with our businesses and our workers in quebec”, he declared during his press conference on Friday.

The prime minister thus responded to a question from a journalist, who had asked him if the protectionist speech he has held since the beginning of the crisis was not in contradiction with a number of international conventions that Canada has ratified.

Recall, for example, that the rules of the world trade Organization (WTO), prevent member States, including Canada, to adopt standards for the purpose of harm to foreign products.

Criticism of China

To justify his approach, François Legault was very critical of China, which is a member of the WTO, but that remains closed to many quebec entrepreneurs.

“I’m going to talk about China, for example, where we exported $ 4 billion, but, where, them, we exported $ 12 billion of products. It is very difficult to penetrate certain markets, such as China. Therefore, it is not necessary to be naive. If the market, on the other hand, is not accessible to our businesses, I don’t see why one would make it more difficult to access, also, to these countries”, highlighted the prime minister.

In addition, the head of the government has made it clear that departments and government agencies did not buy enough of quebec to his taste, at the present time.

“There is a possibility to buy a lot more local”, he maintained.

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