Local purchasing and food trends

Achat local et tendances alimentaires

Buying local is more topical than ever. Support the businesses here may allow them to recover after the crisis. This week, we discover products in Québec that are part of the food trends of the year. Focus on the five trends and their local variations !

1. Vegetable protein

More than 50 % of Quebecers claim to have reduced their consumption of red meat last year (Barometer of responsible consumption, 2019).

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Nielsen, 19 % of milléniaux are vegetarians, compared to 11 % of the population .

In these conditions, the plant proteins become substitutes of the most popular.

  • The patties are vegetarian have the rating ! 47 % of Quebecers indicate that they have tried meat alternatives in the last year. Relying, however, on those which have good ingredients lists. This is the case of pancakes, vege-of the Root Foods. Made of legumes and organic grains, they have a list of ingredients clean contrary to the famous galette Beyond Burger.
  • The montreal company Tempehine offers tempeh marinated and pre-cooked really tasty. A great way to learn this excellent vegetable protein. Choice of two flavors (the caribbean and the pleasure of spring) enticing ! You can get tempeh in line on the purchase site local maturin.ca
  • Fontaine Santé has just launched a spread of chocolate-based hummus. Chickpeas are at the top of the list of ingredients and any trace of palm oil. Its nutritional value far exceeds that of the chocolate spread-hazelnut is the most popular.
  • Crackers Rémis compounds of vegetables and organic fruits are dried and seeds provide 4-5 g of protein per serving of 4 units. They contain sunflower seeds, sesame, flax, and soy protein. A beautiful product ! (123sante.ca)
  • reMIXed Snacks is a montreal company led by colleagues nutritionists. Their barks of dark chocolate are composed of imperfect fruits, in an effort to reduce waste, and beans. A small treat original that brings fiber (6 g), protein (6 g) and iron (27 % of the recommended intake) !
  • Little known, the seed of camelina can be consumed and used as a hemp seed or chia. Each serving of 15 g (about 1 ½ tbsp) of seeds of camelina brings 4 g of fiber and 4 g protein. Oliméga, a company in us, provides the seeds of camelina, oil, and honey and camelina.

2. Alternatives to dairy products

The plant-based beverages are experiencing significant growth. Dairy products no more featured as a full band in the food Guide, consumers are increasingly interested in discovering the alternatives.

  • To replace the cream cheese made of milk, The Large supply of new fauxmages biological facts of cashew nuts and chickpeas. With 45 calories, 3 g fat (0.5 g saturated fat) and 2 g of protein, the fauxmage original creamy is really interesting.
  • A number of other companies in Quebec offer cheese plant. This is the case of Veg Nature and Finfinoix.

3. Packaging eco-friendly

Reduce its ecological footprint, is undoubtedly the trend in 2020. The industry must adapt by providing wrappers that go well beyond recyclable.

  • At the grocery store, the green initiatives are more prevalent than ever. Savoura, with its goal of zero plastic, made many efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. Launched in 2016 for Savoura Organic, their tea packaging is compostable and made in Canada from forestry residues.
  • Api-flex replaces advantageously the plastic film. Food packaging reusable is made of fabric coated with beeswax. Vegan ? Api-flex also has options véganes !

4. Variants at breakfast

The innovations are many side breakfast. These are often young entrepreneurs who have created businesses that meet the needs of people in a hurry !

  • Evive Smoothie will soon be celebrating its 5th anniversary. This company was founded by a couple of enthusiasts, Claudia and Dominic, knows a strong growth. Cubes of smoothie make a smoothie ultra-fast, without mixer. The range is available in 13 flavors. Compounds of organic fruits and vegetables and plant-based protein smoothies combine pleasure and health. We buy them at IGA and Metro, or via the online shop (evivesmoothie.com)
  • Holos offers oatmeal without cooking it through its online store. The products are certified organic, they are composed of choice ingredients and provide 20 g protein and 12 g of fibre per serving. As a bonus, they provide omega-3 and probiotics. They come in 4 flavors (liveholos.com)
  • Snack Simple offers a one Minute muffin that appeals a lot to young people. Available in four flavors, just add water, stir and cook for a minute in the microwave before enjoying (snacksimple.ca)


5. Pinterest-to-cook and to eat

The hectic lifestyle has pushed consumers to the for quick meal solutions. The ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat has never experienced such growth.

A strong trend !

Still, according to Nielsen :

  • 42 % of milléniaux and 37 % of baby boomers would like to have meals that require little or no preparation
  • 55 % of milléniaux and 43 % of baby-boomers like to buy prepared meals in the store or restaurant.
  • Crudessence offers the ready-to-eat vegan now accessible to all. We appreciate the wraps of cabbage, kale and bowls, buddha inviting.
  • Commensal has won an award for its new range of products ready-to-cook Simple Gourmet at the last gala Grand Prize DUX. Available in 4 flavours, these options vegan showcase the seitan and tofu.
  • The chief popular leader, vegan Jean-Philippe Cyr has also launched its range of meals ready to eat to the radius of the costs. Its adherents, they are many, have embraced its products.


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