Long holidays and working Saturdays: how will the rest of the Ukrainians on New year and Christmas

Длинные каникулы и рабочие субботы: как будут отдыхать украинцы на Новый год и Рождество

Extra days off for New year and Christmas will need to work out three of the Sabbath day.

For the Christmas holidays in the early 2020 of Ukrainians expect a long vacation. The Cabinet recommended to the employers to review the weekend for employees and significantly increase the rest period for the Ukrainians.

In December Ukrainians waiting 10 days off, three of which are optional. Accordingly, work will be 21 days.

The first extra day off falls on a Wednesday on December 25. On this day Catholics celebrate Christmas, so from 2017, according to the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, this day is a weekend.

Also, the Cabinet appointed to move two days to the beginning of the New year Ukrainians rested for four consecutive days. Therefore, the working days on December 30 and 31 (Monday and Tuesday) are postponed on Saturday 21 and 28 December. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 7-R offers four days – from December 29, 2019 to 1 January 2020. Accordingly, to rest in December, we will 10 days. In the last month of the year we are waiting for 21 working days.

Длинные каникулы и рабочие субботы: как будут отдыхать украинцы на Новый год и Рождество

Weekends in December:

December 25 – Catholic Christmas;

December 30 – day off, which is pre-mined on Saturday, December 28.

December 31 – New year’s eve.

Длинные каникулы и рабочие субботы: как будут отдыхать украинцы на Новый год и Рождество

Holidays and weekends in December

December 1 – world day against AIDS-p;December 2 – international day for the abolition of slavery 3 December – international day of people with disabilities. International day of designers and animators;December 4 – Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin. Hug day. Informatics day;December 5 – statistician’s Day;6 December – the Day of Armed forces of Ukraine;7 December – great Martyr Catherine;December 8 – the day of the charity;9 Dec – international day against corruption. The international day of remembrance of the victims of the crime of genocide;10 December – human rights Day. World football day. Nobel day;Dec 11 – international mountain day. World day of the sick with bronchial asthma;12 December – Day of Land forces of the armed forces;December 13 – Apostle Andrew the first-called. World day of children’s television and radio broadcasting;14 December – the Day of celebration of participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident (Day of the liquidator);December 15 – international tea day;December 16 – the Reverend John Flood;17 December – great Martyr Barbara;18 December – Day of Saint Sava. International migrants day. Day of employees of bodies of the registry office;December 19 – St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Day advocacy. The international day of helping the poor;20 December – international human solidarity day;December 21 – the birthday of the crossword puzzle; the winter solstice;December 22 – the Conception by righteous Anna of the virgin. Icon of Mother of God “unexpected joy”;23 December is world snowboard day;December, 24 – Catholic Christmas Eve;25 December – Christmas day;26 December – Boxing Day;Dec 27 – the Holy martyrs Philemon, Apollonia, Ariana and Faatiha;28 December – international day of cinema;29 December – international day for cello;December 30 – bacon Day;31 December – the Day bring thoughts in order. Day champagne. World day of meditation for peace on the planet.According to the approved calendar, the new year’s weekend will last for four days in a row. Begin to relax and preparing for new year celebrations will be on December 29. And Thursday, January 2 will be the first working day in 2020 year.

Christmas eve the Ukrainians will celebrate next week January Monday, and Christmas falls on a Tuesday. All citizens of Ukraine will rest on 1 January and 7 January. Given the weekend, Ukrainians will have a rest in January for 10 days.

On Holy night of January 6 in Ukraine will be the official output. Therefore, the Ukrainians will rest for three consecutive days and the working week will start on Wednesday 8 January. However, an extra day of rest will have to fulfill. So, Saturday, January 11 will be working. Saturday detention will be considered as the pre-holiday days, so will be reduced by 1 hour.

Длинные каникулы и рабочие субботы: как будут отдыхать украинцы на Новый год и Рождество

Calendar holidays in January 2020

January 1 – New year’s day (holiday);January 6 – Christmas Eve (holiday);January 7 – Christmas (holiday);January 8 – the blessed virgin Mary;January 9 – the Holy Apostle Stephen;January 14 – Old New year (Basil);13 Jan – Leavetaking of the Nativity (Melania);January 18 – the Second Holy evening (Christmas eve);January 19 – Epiphany or Jordan;January 20 – John the Baptist;25 January – St. Tatiana.

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