Look at the hands: 7 important things your nails say about your health

Взгляните на руки: 7 важных вещей, которые ногти говорят о вашем здоровье

Long known that the human body is equipped with many indicators, with the correct observation that can relieve yourself from the masses of health problems. One of these indicators in the frame as the nails. The doctors are convinced that the nails need not only care, but also constantly to watch, to not miss important changes. What signals your nails can serve on the state of health, read the new review.

1. Fading and fading

In the opinion of the dermatologist’s medical center of new York Julia Tzu, discoloration or pallor of the nails, which had not been observed, may indicate problems with the nail plate.

“If there are such spots, it can serve as the primary signs of developing melanoma of the nail plate,” explains the doctor.

2. Yellowish tint

“If the nails got yellowish tint, this may indicate the presence of psoriasis,” said the doctor. Also, according to some experts, the yellow color of the nails tells about impending problems with the liver.

3. Bluish tint

No less anxious and this signal is the appearance of a bluish tint (cyanosis). According to Dr. Andrea Weil from Harvard medical school, this may indicate a low level of hemoglobin, problems with circulation and respiratory system.

4. White spots

They can come and disappear. Many people prefer not to attach importance to this. And for good reason. Small white spots of different shapes talking about the inadequate intake of zinc or calcium.

In this case, if the nails began to appear horizontal white stripes, it indicates kidney disease, warns Julia Tzu. This condition, according to the doctor, there is a separate name – leuconychia.

5. Transverse “grooves”

According to the doctor, the presence of small depressions on the nail surface may indicate that a person is constantly under a lot of stress. The second reason is the violation of the metabolism. And finally, the third – trauma of the nail.

6. Longitudinal line

Often thin longitudinal lines on the nails occur in older people, due to this phenomenon age-related changes in the body. However, sometimes the strips can occur in the young. In this case, the appearance of longitudinal lines may indicate that the person consumes enough fluids.

7. Brittle and flaking

There are several reasons. Among the most common doctors noted the lack of vitamins A, E, D, and iron and zinc. Besides, brittle and flaking nails can indicate problems in the endocrine and cardiovascular system and, in particular, to be the first harbinger of diabetes.

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