Look at your thumb, now he will tell everything about you prise!

Посмотрите на ваш большой палец руки, сейчас он расскажет о вас всё привсё!

There is a view that there is a connection between the human soul and its physical characteristics. What is the connection nobody understood. However, there are interesting insights, which are supported on a wide variety of people. Here, for example the thumb like a finger as a finger. But in fact, he’ll tell about you a lot, if not all.

There are five different types of thumbs? Look at your right hand, or rather on her thumb, that’s what he says about your character:

The class 1 – A – the upper half of your finger more lower

If your thumb falls under this type, you are most likely a very ambitious person. You are not satisfied with mediocrity and always strive for the best in everything. Reaching for the stars is a hallmark of your personality. Even when you do nothing, you think about how to achieve your goal.

Sometimes you are literally obsessed with any intentions. Though you are driven by the desire to succeed, at the same time, you are one of those who will brag about their belongings — you are a very grateful and humble. It is this combination of humility and willpower makes you such a strong person.

Type 2 – B – the bottom half over the top

If your big toe corresponds to this type — you are a down to earth person and simple. You are calm and confident and very caring.

You will not something to promise if you’re not sure what will be able to do it.

You are able to enjoy the simplest things that others will not find anything special. You are very fair and never forget to Express my gratitude to those who once helped you. And yet, you’re a rich man. Perhaps not in money, but just love and friendship.

Type 3 – C – the two halves of the same size

You, most likely, the person who is always striving for balance in all things. Are you trying to achieve harmony in life and try to bring people together to close around all the time. You always strive for balance, achieving it in all possible ways.

You are guided by ideology, similar to the philosophy of Yin and Yang. To bad you always try to find something good. If you have a goal, despite the challenges you may face, you will always find a way to move forward. In happiness, conflict or peace, you people, striving for harmony in life, which many people can only envy.

Type 4 – D – Bent back the thumb

If you bent back your thumb, you are a person who adapts very well to different situations. A fighter by nature, you are rebuilt quickly, knowing that if something changed, then you need to adapt to the circumstances.

This also applies to your thinking. After receiving the new information, you can easily change their minds based on new facts. You have an open mind and if necessary, change their attitude and behavior to achieve goals. It’s a rare quality that gives you a better chance of survival even in the most difficult circumstances.

Type 5 – E – Straight thumb

Meanwhile, if you have a fixed or rigid thumbs, you are a person, accustomed to dominate and rather stubborn. You’re the one who keeps his word and does not break his promise. You are straight and not want to change in an attempt to achieve their goals. If you have your eyes on something, you find it difficult to change their minds.

Also, you people can trust you and will listen and give my opinion. Your dedication as your personality, delights you always confident in your decisions, and your stubbornness can indeed be regarded as a blessing, because it means that all your actions are well thought out.

Look at your thumb and find out what type you belong. Matched there a description with your character? I must say that mine turned out pretty accurate.

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