Looking for Mr right: interesting and simple divination on Valentine’s Day

We have collected the most interesting of divination, which will help to meet Mr right.

Шукаємо судженого: цікаві і прості ворожіння на День святого Валентина

On Valentine’s Day, even the most hardened cynics are thinking about the second half, and mutual love. And how fiercely they deny it – the more thinking, as practice shows. And Valentine’s day is a time when a higher power can help us to find a soul mate, because Cupid and St. Valentine for this and come to the Ground on February 14. We have collected interesting divination and spells, which are very simple to implement and they don’t need, informs Rus.Media.

Guessing on a sheet of paper.

It is very simple in execution. You need to take a sheet of paper and draw on it a heart, thinking about your lover. Then count how many whole squares inside the heart. If the number is even – you love strong and sturdy. If odd, and divide by three, your sweetheart does not feel love. If is odd and divides into five or he has another. If is odd and is not divisible by three or five – he likes you.

Tarot pictures

Take a photo of a loved one and your ring. Thread to the ring thread, a photo put in front of him, think of the beloved, holding the ring before the photo. If it rotates in a circle – you’ll get married. If swinging like a pendulum, from side to side, then your fate will likely be tied to others. If the ring is stationary – do not wait for an emergency wedding.

Guessing on matches

Take two matches, light them and hold in your hands opposite each other. Think about your favorite. If a match does not go out by themselves (burn to end, blow out flame, not to burn yourself). Match prikolnulsya one-to-one – relations are in no danger. If in different directions – probably, strong love between us.

Divination with champagne

Valentine’s day – holiday, what holiday without champagne? But it is possible not only to drink, but also to tell fortunes on it. For divination need a glass of champagne, then you need to see how bubbles behave. If a lot of them, so, your husband loves you very much. If the bubbles go from the bottom of the thread – they need to calculate and understand how much around her husband to spin girls.

If the champagne is poured over the edge – be careful, as a man overwhelmed with feelings and this can end badly. Although if the passion and zeal you like – go for it!

Divination in the morning

On the morning of 14 February will go out of the house and note the people you meet on your way. If it’s a man – wait in the near future, a romantic acquaintance. If it’s a girl – alas, no serious relationships in the near future will not.

Delicious divination

On Valentine’s Day will invite friends home and bake cookies, the recipe can be anything. The main thing – put a note, the contents can be anything – from simple wishes of love and happiness to riddles and jokes. In each note to specify the names of familiar guys – what gets in, and going out.

In any case, it will be fun and delicious.

Divination with window

This is a very simple divination, because it does not need to do anything. Just on Valentine’s Day in the morning need to look out the window. If this moment will pass several people, then wait for fleeting novels, as well as many acquaintances. If will go one guy, so you should expect a serious relationship. If the girl you long to be with friends.

Divination by Apple

You can tell fortunes On her spouse with the help of Apple. Make the names of the men, take a large Apple and holding it by the handle, untwist, uttering conceived names. Which name Apple will come off from the stalk, and will call your Mr right.

Divination by a basin of water

Write a few notes with masculine names. Twist them into rolls and place in a bowl of water. Start to flap your pelvis and see what note the first beat to the edge. Expand the name of the note is and your future husband.