Loopback raised in Wuhan: euphoria in the cradle of the COVID-19

Bouclage levé à Wuhan: euphorie dans le berceau de la COVID-19

WUHAN Liberation and euphoria in Wuhan : thousands of travelers were rushing Wednesday to exit the chinese city where the pandemic COVID-19, after the removal of two and a half months of closure.

At midnight, the quarantine imposed since January 23, about 11 million people has come to an end and the passengers started to storm bus and train stations, some dressed in suits.

Hao Mei, a native of Enshi, a city 450 km to the west, says he has had to leave only his two children for more than two months, because she found herself stuck at the end of January in Wuhan, where she works in a school canteen.

“I woke up at 4 pm today. It hurts so good !”, explains the wife of 39 years, before boarding the train.

“At the beginning, I cried every night. I was very sore because my daughter is still young. It did just 10 years ago.”

The authorities estimate there are 55 000 the number of people who had to leave Wednesday Wuhan by train.

Countless cars and buses were passing the tolls to the city limits after the lifting of roadblocks, found the AFP.

Wuhan is by far the most grief-stricken by the epidemic in China : more than 2500 people died there, out of a total of more than 3330 deaths reported in the country.

Town where appeared the new coronavirus the end of 2019, it was the first in the world to undergo a confinement draconian.

“City of heroes” The health authorities have pointed the finger at a market in Wuhan selling of exotic animals live, where the new coronavirus could be transmitted to humans.

The rest of the surrounding province of Hubei had also been completed of the end of January to end of march. Tens of millions of people were affected.

With the spread of the virus in the world, many countries have adopted similar measures. Half of humanity suffers now a form of containment.

But if the pandemic continue to be concerned in many parts of the world, the closure of Wuhan seems to have borne fruit.

The dip dramatically in recent weeks cases of contamination and death in China, however, brings doubts about the reliability of official figures.

Families have reported the non-recognition of the people died in their homes or that have not been tested at the beginning of the epidemic, when the hospitals were overloaded.

“Wuhan deserves to be called a city of heroes”, proclaimed a message broadcast Wednesday in a train station of the city.

“The Wuhanais will have paid a heavy toll”, said to AFP, Mr. Yao, a 21-year-old who embarks on a train to Shanghai (is), where he worked in a restaurant. “We are pleased that the closure is lifted.”

Code green

In a train station, a robot was riding Wednesday in the middle of the crowd of travelers, spraying their feet with disinfectant, with a recorded message that reminds us to wear a mask.

The passengers had to submit to controls of temperature and show it on their smart phone with a QR code green. Issued by the authorities, it can be justified that it is not reached by the COVID-19 and that you don’t live in a neighborhood still considered at risk.

The city airport has also resumed its activity.

The chinese newspapers praised unanimously for the lifting of the closure, with a title of One that was repeated often : “Wuhan, glad to see you after all this time”.

But despite the lifting of the blockade, the return to normal will not be immediate.

Various restrictions are maintained in order to avoid a second epidemic wave. The schools remain closed. And people are encouraged not to leave the city or even their home.

Moreover, in the face of fears vis-à-vis Wuhanais in other parts of the country, candidates for the departure will be for the most part undergo a quarantine of 14 days in their destination city.

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