Lorraine : minors have three schoolgirls on the street with a kitchen knife

Illustration of a college. — C. Allain / IEPAS / 20 Minutes

They have had to be very afraid. Three schoolgirls, aged 12 years, were sexually assaulted at the exit of the school, the college Charles-Guerin in Luneville, by two minors 14 and 15 years old. Posted in front of the establishment, they have “sown terror” among three young girls, reports the journal Is Republican. Their violence has not caused injury (not ITT) on young girls, but they were pursued by their attackers in the street, threatened by a kitchen knife, say
our confreres.

Summoned to appear before a judge

The facts date back to 8 September, but the young men, confused in the investigation conducted after the filing of a complaint of young girls, were summoned on Wednesday to the police station and placed in custody where They would have acknowledged the facts. They will be summoned to appear before a judge for children and should be put in consideration for violence voluntary meeting.

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