Los Angeles: Jeff Bezos would have paid 165 million US $ for the field Warner

Los Angeles: Jeff Bezos aurait payé 165 millions $ US pour le domaine Warner

The boss of the giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos, would establish a new record in Los Angeles, California, in buying the field from David Geffen for about $ 165 million US, the equivalent of $ 219 million CAN.

According to “The Wall Street Journal, Bezos, who is one of the richest men on the planet, would dwarf the previous mark of US $ 150 million for a property, established last December by Lachlan Murdoch for a large house in Bel Air.

Bezos would have paid the high price to be the purchaser of the domain Warner in the posh neighbourhood of Beverly Hills.

“The Hollywood Reporter” reported that Bezos could have made a check even more important than the early reflections emanating from Hollywood.

The field Warner is nine acres and was built in 1930 for Jack Warner, the former president of studio Warner Bros. It features an extensive garden, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a golf course.

Geffen, who has been producer of music and cinema, and was one of the founders of DreamWorks studios SKG, had purchased the estate Warner for $ 47.5 million (approximately $ 63 million CDN) in 1990. At the time, it was also a record.

“The Wall Street Journal” also pointed out that Jeff Bezos would have paid 90 million US $ (about 119,3 million CAN$) for a plot of land that belonged to the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen.

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