Losers all down the line

Perdants sur toute la ligne

The Washington Redskins give up their name and their logo. It was a great time, clameront those who believed that it was clearly an image is racist and offensive to the native american communities. Hogwash, say those who believe that this decision represents the pinnacle of correctness.

In short, it was impossible to win this battle in the public opinion. The team of the NFL is free to, reluctantly, the name it bore from 1933, because the money has finally spoken. All the popular press of the world would never move one iota, the owner of the franchise, Dan Snyder.

But when big names like FedEx, Nike, and Pepsi have indicated that they do not get involved more with the team without a change of name and image, the boat has taken on water in no time.

A few days after a supposed great introspection, the franchise announced the inevitable.

Snyder has contended that, since he acquired the club in 1999, that the term “Skin-Red” was intended as a tribute to the amerindian communities. However, these have begun to express their discontent years ago compared to what pejorative nickname.


You have to see the official press release issued by the team to understand to what extent the upheaval seems to be welcomed with the same joy that a hole in the front.

The organization revealed that it would undertake a change of name and logo through his Twitter account bearing the name and logo of the Redskins. The same name and the same logo is then visible in the header of the press release.

And what about the message! Not once, but twice, the press release mentions that you must keep, and make them proud “, our sponsors, our supporters and the community.”

Such messages are usually hyper-cared for. Each word and its place in a sentence there are dissected by a public relations team. Speaking of sponsors well before the community means everything. In any case, the team does not mention the native americans.

It’s a bit like if, off the pitch as on it, the organization no longer aiming for in the mile. In this sense, starting from scratch can do the most good.


The team loses therefore on the plane of the image because it has chosen to act only after the back to the wall, with no escape possible.

She also loses because she will be accused of laxity after having sworn for many years that the name would never change.

Supporters of the change also felt lost since the intentions of the team do not seem quite noble. The supporters of the status quo lose out because they deem the fall of the name and the logo that they did not deem it offensive is an excess of conformism.

The amerindian communities who say they are harmed by the name and the logo of the team for years can be perceived as the only winners in the wake of this announcement.

It is certainly a small step in the right direction, but it will take more than a change forced in the name of a sports team to harmonize a relationship marred for centuries.

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