Loss of smell may be a sign of imminent death

Потеря обоняния может быть признаком скорой смерти

The loss of the ability to detect odors in older people – a very alarming symptom, found researchers from the University of Michigan (USA).

He was associated with an increased risk of death within the next ten years, according to

“What is our life? Game!”Потеря обоняния может быть признаком скорой смерти“World mind games”: the premiere of “World” In the corresponding study involved about three thousand elderly people. In the beginning of the experiment, they were from 70 to 79 years. 2 300 people passed the test for sense of smell – they were asked to recognize the 12 major odors.

For the health of participants followed for thirteen years. During this period, 1 200 people died.

It turned out that those who have not coped with the test for sense of smell, the risk of early death increased by an average of 46%.

Especially clearly this pattern was evident in the beginning of the study not complained of health. In such cases, the probability of dying within the next ten years increased by 62%.

In 23% of cases the loss of smell “signaled” about Parkinson’s disease, dementia and unintentional weight loss life – threatening diseases. But for the remaining 72% of patients this relationship remains unexplained.

“Loss of smell in older people may be an early sign of hidden deviations that eventually lead to death,” concluded the authors.

Previously, scientists have found that the ability to recognize odors in a human-dependent lifestyle.