Lotbinière: the two occupants of a motorcycle died in a head-on collision

Lotbinière: les deux occupants d'une moto décèdent dans une collision frontale

The two occupants of a motorcycle with three wheels, a man and a woman, were killed in a head-on collision with another vehicle in Saint-Gilles, in the Lotbinière region, on Wednesday.

The crash occurred around 13: 45, on route 273, between routes 116, and 269.

“According to initial findings, one of the two vehicles would have deviated from his path, for a reason still unknown”, explains Valérie Beauchamp, communications officer at the Sûreté du Québec.

Unfortunately, the two people who were on the motorcycle were killed. This is a woman in her fifties and a man whose age is not known yet.

The identity of the victims has not been unveiled for the moment.

As for the driver of the automobile, is injuries are considered “minor”. It does concern not for his life.

The road 273 had to be closed to allow for the conduct of the investigation. An investigator specializing in collisions has moved to clarify the circumstances of the tragedy.

More details to come…

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