Loto-Quebec asked to freeze the salaries of its management

Loto-Québec invitée à geler les salaires de sa direction

Unlike Hydro-Québec and the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), Loto-Québec has still not taken a decision on the freezing of salaries of its officers and the payment of bonuses to non-unionized workers. The canadian taxpayers Federation (FCC) application to the State corporation act.

“Loto-Québec must freeze wages. Currently, Quebecers are suffering. This is the least of things. The leadership could even accept a temporary reduction in salary. It is necessary to remove the stress on the budget of the government,” says Renaud Brossard, director-Quebec at the FCC.

On the side of Loto-Québec, the management is responsible not be able to take a position on this question, for the time being. It stated that its fiscal year ended last march 31, in contrast to that in Hydro-Quebec which ended on 31 December.

Recall that last week, the SAQ announced the freezing of salaries of its executives for the financial year 2020-2021. The date of the payment of bonus to 2019-2020 has also been extended to the month of September. The SAQ has the same financial calendar as that of Loto-Québec.

Last year, the executives and non-unionized staff at the SAQ had shared nearly$ 6.6 Million. At Loto-Québec, the members of the directorate had received$ 5.1 Million in incentive compensation.

At the beginning of the month of April, Hydro-Québec has also canceled the wage increases of its leaders. The bonus payments for non-unionized staff has also been postponed to another quarter.

Despite the closure of casinos and games rooms in the last few weeks, the 5,000 employees at Loto-Québec, of which more than 1200 dealers, still receive their full salary.

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