Lottery NHL: the luck does not smile at all

Loterie de la LNH: la chance ne sourit pas à tous

There are often moments of great rejoicing when a team wins the lottery the national hockey League (NHL) and passed several training courses to select a player in the first level. In return, teams are never able to celebrate because the chance is not favorable. Here are some organizations particularly unlucky during the lottery.

Sabres of Buffalo

The Sabres of Buffalo have preserved the first choice in total in 2018 after finishing in last place in the NHL and they have taken the opportunity to select Rasmus Dahlin. However, they have not been able to enjoy the same chance in 2015, while a certain Connor McDavid waiting patiently to hear his name for the first level. The Sabres have enjoyed a consolation prize more than respectable in Jack Eichel, but the face of the franchise would undoubtedly be much different if they had been able to select a player first. The organization has again been unlucky in the last lottery, while the Chicago black hawks and New York Rangers have jumped in front of them.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks have faced a lot of difficulties on the ice in recent years and they have also had their share of misfortunes as they have dropped a few positions when repêchages 2016 (2), 2017 (3) 2018 (1). Fortunately for the organization, she has been able to select players, having chosen Olli Juolevi, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes during these three years.

The Coyotes of Arizona

Just like the Canucks, the Coyotes of Arizona can’t count on luck to improve their fate during the draft. In 2015, the team has dropped a spot after having seen the Edmonton Oilers to seize the first choice. The Coyotes have heard the names McDavid and Eichel to be called before rendering the one of Dylan Strome. A similar scenario occurred in 2017. The organization has seen three other teams pass in front of it at the time of the lottery. The Coyotes have decided to share this choice to the Rangers on the same day of the draft. Same story at the auction of 2018, while the two training courses, including the Montreal canadiens, have benefited from the lottery to get ahead of the Coyotes.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers have not often participated in the lottery, given that they succeed, most of the time, to participate in the playoffs, but the draft of 2007 will forever remain a nightmare. After finishing in last place of the NHL, they have seen the Blackhawks win the lottery and stay ahead at the very first level, in order to select Patrick Kane. In 2010, the latter is the one who scored the goal for the Blackhawks to win the Stanley cup during the extension of the sixth game of the series against the Flyers.

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