“Louie” can finally eat in peace !

«Loulou» peut enfin manger en paix !

Our journalists have also all kinds of problems and events in their daily lives. They offer us their personal testimonies in which many of our readers will recognize.

In normal times, my little girl takes all his time to eat his lunch. I have to say, his mother and I are often exasperated, every morning, by his slowness.

It has been necessary for our daily life is completely turned upside-down by this terrible virus to a daughter two and a half years to eat at his own pace without being scolding.

Far from being anecdotal, this illustrates how our lives often boil down to a frantic race toward greater performance and profit.

The work — supposed to keep us away from boredom, vice and need, according to Voltaire — occupies so much space in our lives that it will eventually affect the well-being of the children that we claim to cherish.

Confined for weeks at home and deprived of the company of his friends from the daycare, our “Louie” gives me sometimes the impression to be happy. Not only she eats now at his own pace, but she has the right to readings of “P’tit Loup” at all hours of the day. It can even play and dance with his parents when he feels like it, including during my very serious conference calls in the professional.

Far be it from me to minimize the devastating impacts of the COVID-19. The dead are counted already by tens of thousands around the world. Worse yet, there may be the beginnings of a nightmare, like a science-fiction film.

Help his neighbor

Despite the countless disasters he causes, this virus has at least the merit of allowing us to re-examine our priorities. And if the COVID-19 we finally allowed to return to the essential things like playing with our children and really take care of our loved ones ?

This virus should also push us collectively a bit of modesty. The human being, so confident in his presumed intellectual superiority and scientific, is today totally unprepared.

His enemy is a common infectious agent that is invisible to the naked eye. Without straying into the esoteric, there is enough there to meditate at length on our place in the universe.

While the borders are closed and that the global economy seems to be collapsing under our very eyes, at least try to create small spaces of solidarity local. Think of the elderly neighbour who can no longer get out to do some shopping.

Help the single parent who does not know if she will be able to pay his next rent. Support the worker who will soon be short of money. Take news from the foreign student lonely.

It will help us (maybe) to get grown.

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