Louis Morissette does not want to redo the “Bye Bye”

Louis Morissette ne veut pas refaire le «Bye Bye»

MONTREAL | The creators of “Bye Bye 2019” having suffered sharp criticism, it was not necessary any more to feed the machine to rumors and speculation about a possible change of team for 2020.

Naturally, many have turned their gaze to Louis Morissette, who is used to this big “machine”, who has written and produced six “Bye Bye”.

Gold, met Tuesday with Radio-Canada, during the unveiling of the distribution of the comedy “the eye of The cyclone”, which he produced, Morissette has shown to be categorical: it has no intention of plunging into the massive adventure that is the creation of a “Bye Bye”. “Zero,” he vowed.

“‘Been there, done that”, it was done, he launched without hesitation. I haven’t talked about that four seconds with Dany (Meloul, executive director, télévision de Radio-Canada), and I do not anticipate talking about the other four not more. It is more complicated to do, and I said what I had to say.”

“Though, when I saw Jean Charest will point back to the nose… (laughter) But, no. I have a lot of things this year, with the film (“The guide” the perfect family”), the show (“The Morissette II”)… This is a big, big year, I have zero minutes for that. And not so much of interest either.”

In regards to Jean Charest, that he often imitated in the retrospective end-of-year, Louis Morissette suggested that it would perhaps be repersonnifier the politician the time of a skit, but not in a complete program.

In 2019, it was the first time since 2010 that KOTV, the company of Louis Morissette, was not involved in the production of the “Bye Bye”. Guillaume Lespérance and Simon-Olivier Fecteau has taken the reins of the project in 2016, KOTV continued to oversee operations from behind the scenes. But, on the 31st December last, for the first time in nearly 10 years, Louis Morissette has opened up his television with no idea of what would suggest “Bye Bye”.

The most recent edition of the rendez-vous comic has generated ratings cumulative 4 371 000 viewers, and this, in spite of the skits controversial, such as the one ridiculing the advertisements of the chain A&W.

Family and tour

This month, Louis Morissette is very dominated by the post-production of his film “The guide to the perfect family”, which will be presented somewhere in July of next year. Starring himself, Catherine Chabot, Émilie Bierre, Gilles Renaud, Louise Portal and Alexandre Goyette, the film will deal with the pressure that often put parents on the shoulders of their offspring.

“It is in the assembly, said the one who writes and produces the work in addition to play. I’m pretty happy with it. It has started to show versions of the institutions, and it is going well. It refines our case, at this time. I do not venture to say whether it is good or not, or to talk about commercial return, but I know that we’ll go to touch something. We are going to turn on a “switch” in some people.”

Its box KOTV we will also, in the coming weeks, the series “Home-Blue” and “Project 2000” – for which a second season is already in development), as well as the comedy “the eye of The cyclone”, with Julie Le Breton and Véronique Cloutier on Tou.tv Extra.

The couple Cloutier-Morissette will begin, furthermore, the representations of its second show “The Morissette” on August 5, in Sainte-Thérèse. A stay in Saint-Hyacinthe is also planned before the official start of the tour, which will not count as a hundred dates. The father of Delphine (17), Justin (16 years) and Raphaëlle (10 years) leaves room that it will be a lot of families and children who grow up in “The Morissette II”.

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