Love horoscope for April 2018 for all Zodiac signs!

Любовный гороскоп на апрель 2018 года для всех знаков Зодиака!

In April not only nature blossoms. People also want change for the better and strive to achieve personal happiness.

That your love was real and mutual, use the guidance of a love horoscope. In it you will find tips that will help you to avoid conflicts and to enjoy the feelings.

This month the energy of the celestial bodies will affect the mood positively, so astrologers forecast a favorable period for Dating. A significant event will be the retrograde movement of Pluto, which will help to be liberated and open to communication.

The influence of the planets often helps people, giving the space a positive energy. Consider the advice of astrologers, to avoid problems in love and strengthen relationships.


Until April 20 the strong position of the Sun will help the rams in their personal lives. His energy will be enough to make you cheered and refused to idle pastime. After the Sun will weaken, moving into the constellation of Taurus. From mid-month, representatives of your Sign may feel a lack of energy, and communicating with the opposite sex will be not the best way. However, not all so sad, because resistant Rams will be able to fight for their happiness. It is important to a positive attitude and cease to be self-centered.


Taurus love relationship will help the Moon, patron of your Mark. Its strong energy from 12 to 22 April will give you strength like to find a partner and to establish relations in the family. This period will be most active for you, so do not waste time. Also, you will come to the aid of Saturn. Its retrograde motion will contribute to the active work on personal happiness. The rest of the time astrologers recommend careful thoughtless words do not become a stumbling block in your relationship.


Gemini in April will be able to achieve success in your personal life. This will be supported by Saturn, whose retrograde energy will help to find the right path to the heart of a loved one. Throughout the month you will have luck in love, so lose the chance of the Universe presented makes sense. Single Gemini will have many new friends, among which you are sure to find the person who will become your other half. In family relationships there is a period of harmony, and you and your lover will be able to achieve a full understanding.


April may not be the best month for establishing your personal life. The weak position of the moon till the 12th will deprive you of activity, and you may feel self-doubt. Will give courage and Saturn, which after the 18th will start a retrograde movement. However, for lovers there are no barriers and if you are in a romantic relationship, then act in their own interests. Trust your heart, and then no obstacles can stop you on your way to a happy and mutual love.

Любовный гороскоп на апрель 2018 года для всех знаков Зодиака!


For the lions in April will be a good two periods: from 1 to 12 and 23 to 30 the number. At this time, the Moon, your opponent will weaken your influence, and you will be able to develop activity on the love front. Thanks to the energy of the retrograde of Saturn, your Sign will be able to quickly detect cheating, thereby avoiding troubles in finding a romantic partner. Couples astrologers recommend to exclude the reproaches and quarrels, so that a conflict situation does not prevent you to enjoy total happiness.


A surge of courage and willingness to change for the better Virgo will feel after April 15. At this time mercury will stop being retrograde, and that means a new victory in your personal life you provided. Representatives of your Sign astrologers recommend leaving doubts and to open up towards the beautiful feeling of love. Those who are already in relationships, it is important to listen to the partner and try to spend more time with him. Particularly important will be the retreat that will allow you to get closer and better understand each other.


Representatives of your Sign to be active astrologers recommend the second half of the month. The sun will lose its power after the 20th day, and then Libra will be able to feel confident in their abilities. If you pair Weights should be affectionate, not ashamed to talk about feelings. In couples learn to forgive minor flaws, otherwise relationships can become tense, which will contribute to a weakened Venus after April 24.


Try your luck in love the Scorpions stands in the periods from 1 to 12 and 23 to 30 the number. These days the weak position of the moon will not limit you to that successfully how to meet new people, and to establish family relationships. Those who are looking for a couple, you need to be open and sincere to interest any person. For good luck finding relationship experts recommend the use of amulets, love-attracting.


Sagittarius luck in love will smile in the first half of the month. You can count on the Sun until the 20th of April will be to maintain your positive attitude. In search of new love to the representatives of your Sign is to go during the retrograde motion of Pluto. After the 22nd the planet will begin to give archers insight that will allow you to avoid Dating people with whom it would be difficult to build a truly happy and strong relationship.


The first half of the month will be good for love relationships. The weak position of the moon will return to excellent health, which will positively affect the search for a romantic relationship. Couples in early April, astrologers recommend to forget the insults and claims to enjoy the mutual feelings. After the 15th the mercury will return to its normal position, and the first priority will be the desire to address business issues.

Любовный гороскоп на апрель 2018 года для всех знаков Зодиака!


The first half of the month for representatives of your Sign will be difficult because of the aggressive influence of the Sun, which will not give you confidence. However, after the 20th it will lose its power. The transition of the antagonist in the constellation of Taurus will bring you a good mood, which means you will be able to discover the magical world of romantic relationships. In married couples in the second half of the month is the opportune period.


Fish will test the strength of the Moon. Her position will be replaced by the weak, which can adversely affect mood. However, for love has no boundaries, and if you want to enjoy mutual feelings, doubt be superfluous. Troubles are easier to deal with, if there are people willing to support you in difficult times. To establish privacy, even if the planet is not able to help you with this. Remember that happiness in April will be in your hands.

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